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Macrobiol - Macrolophus Pygmaeus

Now at Alchimia you can find the insect predator Macrolophus Pygmaeus, a completely biological method of pest control and among the most effective ways to fight plant parasites in your cannabis grow, either indoors or outdoors.

Macrolophus Pygmaeus belongs to the family Miridae, a species native to the Mediterranean region which is highly effective against many parasites such as thrips, mites, white flies, Aphidoidea (aphids), whiteflies, mites, red spiders, eggs and larvae of Lepidoptera (butterflies/moths) and beetles among others.

Adult Macrolophus and nymphs are polyphagous predators (zoophagous and phytophagous) that kill their prey by piercing them with their mouthpiece and sucking. This predator is notable for its appetite for white flies, although its diet can also include thrips, aphids, mites, red spiders ... The insect will remain on the plants as long as there are prey, otherwise it will be necessary to re-introduce insects every 10-12 days.

The life cycle of Macrolophus Pygmaeus is very short, with just 7-11 days of embryonic development, after 3 weeks the insects will be fully adult and live an average of 50 days. Culture conditions can affect the life cycle of the insects, but on average a generation of Macrolophus Pygmaeus is completed in 6 weeks.

For prevention, it is only necessary to have 5 individuals per m2, however, in case of an infestation of parasites, introduce as many individuals as possible for maximum efficiency comparable to "classical" insecticides.

We recommend introducing the insects directly onto the leaves, or in small white boxes. When growing cannabis indoors, it is recommended to apply the insects during the dark period, when the lamps are off. Outdoors the best time to release the insects is during the first hours of the day or at sunset.

Attention: Being live material, shipment can be take longer than usual. To ensure Macrobiol arrives in the best possible condition, we may delay shipping if we believe there is a chance of the delivery being held over the weekend at the courier depot.

Macrobiol Macrolophus Pygmaeus info:

  • Boxes of 40 insects
  • Keep the box in a horizontal position at a temperature of 9ºC-11ºC
  • Do not keep the box more than 48 hours after receipt
  • Do not break the cold chain
  • Keep in a dark place


Being live material the shipment can be delayed some day more than usual. We will delay the shipment of Macrobiol if we believe that there is a chance that the weekend will remain in the carrier's warehouse

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