MaD Mix Reg
MaD Mix Reg
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MaD Mix Reg

The MaD Mix Reg is an assortment of 10 regular seeds from MaD Strains, perfect to select mother plants with different traits and thus cultivate several new varieties all from the same seed pack.

The seeds selected by MaD Strains for this mixed pack are derived both from the catalogue and from new test lines, and are therefore not identified, leaving us to be surprised by what we discover over the course of the grow.

This assortment is composed of hybrids of clones and selections of varieties of the Haze, Kush, Skunk, Cookies, Tangie and Cheese families and offers a wide range of genetics and flavours.

To make the grow easier, MaD Strains recommends separating the more Indica-leaning plants, stocky with broad, dark leaves, from the slender leaved and taller Sativa plants, and cultivate Indica hybrids on the one side of your room and Sativa hybrids with their quite different behaviour and requirements on the other side of your grow space.

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