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Martian Kush
Martian Kush
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Martian Kush

Martian Kush from DNA is a hybrid between Martian Mean Green - a very resinous and strong smelling cannabis variety -and Reserva Privada's OG#18, very appreciated for its complex terpene profile and its strong effect. Get this new feminized marijuana strain now at Alchimia's website.

Coming from two Cannabis Cup champions, Martian Kush's genetic legacy ensures superior quality harvests in all aspects, of both buds and resin concentrates.

OG#18's influence is easily noticeable in the plant's structure, with long internodal distance: DNA Genetics recommends to regularly pinch our plants to maintain them as compact as possible and thus reduce stretching during the first weeks of flowering.

Martian Kush is a high yielding plant, producing up to 600gr/m2 of frosty flowers in 9-10 weeks of flowering, depending on growing method and the grower's preferences regarding trichome ripeness. The abundance and large size of these resin glands make this strain suitable for hashish extraction s, while its floral, sweet and spicy taste gives our cannabis concentrates a strong and unique flavor.

Martian Kush by DNA Genetics features:

  • Genetics: Martian Mean Green strain x The OG #18
  • Indica-Sativa content: 60% Indica - 40% Sativa
  • Type: Feminized
  • Indoor Flowering: 9-10 weeks
  • Indoor Yield: 550-600g/m2
  • Suitable for resin extractions
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