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Metrop Amino Bloom 250ml

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Amino Bloom is a vitamin and amino acid complex of high quality and purity suitable for the flowering stage, as it increases and stimulates the production of buds throughout the blooming period. It also stimulates the formation of the main bud, activating hormones that initiate the formation of new leafs.

Metrop stimulators are created by biosynthesis, obtaining molecular structures of 700 DA (Daltons) that can be assimilated by the plants from the first contact without the need of waiting for the natural decomposition. This will be very useful to rescue stressed plants, getting quick results from the first application.

In short, a high quality supplement for your nutritional plan, ensuring harvests of lush buds and fast, spectacular results.

How to use Metrop Amino Bloom:

  • Shake well before using.
  • Apply daily from the 3rd week of flowering in each irrigation.

Metrop Amino Bloom Composition:

  • Ammonium (N) 2.24%
  • Phosphorus (P) 2.06% water soluble
  • 0.10% amino acid (Glycine 790 mg/5L, 40 mg/5L Valine, Proline 360 ​​mg/5L, mg/5L Hydroxiproline 300, 350 mg/5L Alanine, 680 Asparticzuur mg/5L, Arginine 80 mg/5L, 225 mg Glumaticzuur / 5L, Lysine 345 mg/5L, 50 mg/5L Leucine, Isoleucine 125 mg/5L, mg/5L Phenylalanine 145, Methionine 25 mg/5L, Serine 140 mg/5L, 125 mg/5L Asparagine, Threonine 120 mg/5L , 88 mg/5L Tyrosine, Histidine 102 mg/5L, Cysteine ​​85 mg/5L.)

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