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Alchimia presents The Hype Mygal mycorrhizal gel, a highly concentrated biological inoculant that promotes substrate micro-life encouraging our marijuana plants to develop a stronger and more efficient root system.

Mycorrhiza gel Mygal, a Glomus intraradices concentrate

Mygal gel offers a considerable Glomus intraradicide concentration of 5 × 107 CFU/L, resulting in rapid substrate colonization. In about 2 weeks the mycorrhizae become well established and fully active.

This helps a better water and nutrients absorption, some of them difficult to assimilate such as phosphorus and certain microelements.

Our cannabis plants get a better nutrition, growing more vigorously and resistant to fungi attacks. It promotes a better quality more abundant harvest thanks to an optimal metabolic activity.

Mygal Mycorrhizae usage

Mygal Gel is very concentrated and should only be used after transplanting the plant, ideally the first time if more, to promote a rapid mycorrhizal establishment.

Dilute the gel in a dose of 1-2ml per liter of water, watering the plants after replanting them in a new fresh substrate.

The Hype, when applying Mygal, recommends watering less than usual to accelerate mycorrhizal-root interactions, approximately 20% less than usual.

The Hype Mygal mycorrhizal gel info:

  • Mycorrhizal complex
  • Semi-liquid gel
  • Variety: Glomus intraradices
  • Concentration: 5 × 107 CFU/L
  • Apply after each transplant
  • Dose: 1-2ml/L
  • Do not use fungicide or trichoderma during the first 2 weeks

Properties of Mygal

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