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Nanolux electronic ballast

The electronic ballast Nanolux sets a precedent in the market, as it the smallest, most compact ballast in existence, ideal for keeping your indoor marijuana crop tidy and running.

It is compatible with multiple voltages and adapts automatically to the current received, being compatible in different countries by simply plugging it in. It is electronic, i.e. it incorporates a microprocessor, and this ensures a steady flow of current, which means constant light intensity. This is ideal both for plants, which can leverage all the energy and show their full potential, and for bulbs, which suffer less stress and last longer.

It is so compact because it uses really small electronics and because it generates 20% less heat than other electronic ballasts.

It also incorporates a power regulator, allowing it to be used at 100%, 75% and 50% of its total power, so we can tailor the amount of light used to every stage of the plant's development. These positions are indicated by means of LEDs, besides the operating LED, which will let us know if it is running.

The start is smooth but fast, gaining full power afte about 1 minute. It also incorporates a random start system, i.e. it powers the ballast between 1 and 15 seconds after it has been connected. This is useful when we have several ballasts connected to a single timer, in order to avoid having all ballasts connected at once and thus a peak in consumption when turned on.

Nanolux electronic ballast Features:

  • Dimensions: 22 x 12 x 4.5cm
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Voltage: 110 to 240v
  • Compatible with HM bulbs and HPS bulbs
  • Versions available: 250W
  • Extends the life of the bulb up to 10%
  • Consumes 30% less than traditional ballasts
  • Protection against overheating, short circuits and power surges
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