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Nepali Queen by TGA Subcool

Nepali Queen is a Nepali OG x Space Queen hybrid developed by Norstar Genetics for TGA Subcool to create a heavy-yielding cannabis strain with long, fat, resin-coated colas. Available now in the regular seed catalogue of Alchimia!

An 80% Indica variety, Nepali Queen shows a moderate stretch during the onset of flowering and responds well to pruning techniques. Its flowers will gradually lengthen over the bloom period as the calyxes notably swell, at which point we'll need to use strings, stakes or a trellis net to help its soft branches to support the weight of the buds.

Ready to harvest after 68 to 72 days, Nepali Queen delivers an abundant harvest thanks to its large, well-formed buds coated with sticky resin.

Resistant to various diseases and common fungal problems, Nepali Queen can be grown in warm and humid environments without posing any particular problems.

Nepali Queen's terpene profile is dominated by a fuel aroma, complemented by notes of lime, cherry and pine. Its effect, according to the TGA team, is mainly indica, relaxing the body while keeping the mind clear, promoting concentration and can be effective to fight against pain and stress.

TGA Subcool Nepali Queen info:

  • Type: Regular seeds
  • Breeder: Norstar Genetics
  • Genetics: Nepali OG x Space Queen
  • 80/20 Indica-Sativa
  • Yield: high
  • Indoor flowering: 68-72 days
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