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OCB Ultimate Slim + Tips

Now you have available the new range of rolling papers made by OCB, one of the thinest on the market, the OCB Ultimate. The paper used for this line of smoking paper is only 10g/m2. It is a premium quality smoking paper, a little bit longer than the [...]

  • 1.50€

OCB Ultimate Slim

OCB present here their new range of rolling papers, one of the thinest on the market, the OCB Ultimate. The paper used is only 10g/m2. This quality smoking paper is a bit longer than the OCB Ultimate 1 1/4, but keeps the flavor of the herbs at most [...]

  • 0.95€

OCB Ultimate 1 1/4

OCB Ultimate is one of the thinest rolling papers available on the market, only 10g/m2. The size of this premium paper is 1 1/4, being aimed at those smokers who don't want to notice the taste of their rolling paper but enjoy the organoleptic proper [...]

  • 0.95€

OCB Xpert Blue rolling paper

Now available in Alchimiaweb, the OCB Xpert Blue rolling paper has been designed for connoisseurs of the art of rolling cigarettes, smaller than the standard OCB paper. It is so thin that it actually looks transparent, so you can savor your marijuana [...]

  • 0.80€

OCB X-pert Blue 1 1/4 Double rolling paper

Already available in Alchimiaweb, the OCB Xpert Blue Double rolling paper is designed so you do not run out of papers, since it includes 100 x 1 1/4 smoking papers, slightly narrower than the regular OCB paper. These papers are so thin that they alm [...]

  • 0.95€

OCB Organic Hemp Slim King Size

OCB Organic Hemp Slim King Size,unbleached and narrow rolling paper. Now available in Alchimia. Each booklet contains 32 papers - with 100% natural arabic gum - and is made ​​of recycled paper and printed with vegetable inks. Dimensions (each p [...]

  • 0.85€

OCB Organic Hemp 1/1/4

Alchimiaweb presents the OCB Organic Hemp unblreached rolling paper. The booklet contains 50 papers - with 100% natural arabig gum - and is made ​​of recycled paper and printed with vegetable inks. Dimensions (each paper): 77x44mm (1/1.4 regu [...]

  • 0.95€

OCB Doble Black 250

Rolling Papers from the brand OCB, and the most popular range, Black. This booklet contains 250 fine rice papers of the highest quality so you wont have to worry about running short. OCB Black 250 Features: Smouldering Bleached 250 sachets p [...]

  • 3.20€

OCB Premium Single

Alchimia offers here the OCB Premium Single rolling paper, with 50 sheets per booklet and a size slightly smaller than the 1.1/4 OCB Premium rolling paper. This bleached papers are made from rice and are very thin. Arabic gum and slow combustion. [...]

  • 0.95€

OCB PREMIUM rolling paper 1.1/4 Black - 50 units

OCB Premium 1.1/4, 50 white ultra-thin rolling papers per booklet.These ultra thin rice papers are small and glued with a natural arabic gum.These bleached papers are a true classic for those smoking tabacco or cannabis. [...]

  • 0.95€

OCB Roll Black Premium - Smoking Paper

Smoking paper roll, ultra-thin, from OCB. This box contains 4m of thin cigarette paper with the same features as the premium small paper booklets: Slow combustion 1.1 / 4 Dimensions: 44x4000mm White paper [...]

  • (Product sold out)1.50€

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