Roller BHO Extractor

Marijuana resin or BHO Extractor , thanks to the technique by butane gas as a solvent, using one or more refined gas pipes without impurities, such as those sold intended for filling burners. The extraction tube is available in two models, small and [...]

  • M15045.00€
  • L20050.00€

Killer Bee BHO extractor

Alchimiaweb presents the Killer Bee BHO extractor- from the manufacturer of the HoneyBee - made of borosilicate glass and with good thickness, designed to make oil extractions with good returns. This cannabis oil extractor is made ​​so we can fi [...]

  • (Product sold out)82.00€


GASOLINATOR is a 35 cm - 13.5 inch - tube with a 140 micron screen or mesh. By using refined gas bottles - the same we use for refilling lighters -, oil is released from the buds. The mix of oil with gas is placed in a container, then we induce the [...]

  • 35.00€

Queen Bee BHO

Resin extractor BHO Queen Bee, elder brother of Honey Bee, both made from plastic that does not react with butane. With capacity of about 40g of grass, we just have to chop it well and place it inside the extractor without tighten it too much, it ha [...]

  • 36.00€

Oil Extractor Honey Bee

Learn how to make your extractions in a simple and inexpensive way. The marijuana Oil Extractor from the brand Honey Bee is made ​​of plastic which does not react with butane, and it is composed of the body, with a lighter recharge valve at the [...]

  • 23.00€

BHO heating plate

Heating plates are used to improve the purging process of extracts made with solvents. It keeps a constant temperature - set by the user - so all solvent particles evaporate more efficiently. Its temperature range goes from room temperature to 84&or [...]

  • 170.00€

BHO heating plate + silicone mat

Now you can purge your BHO in a controlled manner with the help of this hot plate that has a temperature control, knowing that you will be working at a constant temperature. Refine your BHO Extractions eliminating all butane without impurities with [...]

  • 175.00€

BHO Vacuum Purge Kit

Set with everything you need to make the vacuum in an acrylic or glass desiccating chamber, so you can purge your marijuana resin extractions safely and quickly. The kit consists of a desiccating chamber of 200mm made from light and resistant meth [...]

  • 530.00€

Vacuum Pump 170L/min Rothenberger

Rothenberger professional vacuum pump designed for the maintenance of air conditioning systems allow us to use its power to get a good purge of our BHO oil samples. With a flow of 170L per minut (6CFM) it has a vacuum capacity of 34 bars of pressure, [...]

  • 480.00€

Methacrylate Desiccator, 250 mm

Round 250mm desiccator made of resistant and light methacrylate.This tool will allow you to generate the vacuum connecting it to a sufficiently powerful suction pump, such as 6.0 Roairvac Rothenberger pump.It has two halves with a rubber sealing gas [...]

  • 100.00€

Methacrylate Desiccator, 200 mm

Round 200mm desiccator made of resistant and light methacrylate. This tool will allow you to generate the vacuum connecting it to a sufficiently powerful suction pump, such as 6.0 Roairvac Rothenberger pump. It has two halves with a rubber gasket [...]

  • 80.00€

Vacuum pressure hose + desiccator connection

Piece of the high resistance tube of the brand Rothenberger special for vacuum pumps, ensure the maximum safety and functionality in the moment of work with the vacuum, making it simple and convenient. With a length of 1.55m, it incorporates a s [...]

  • 30.00€

BHO tube - Desiccator connection

This cylindrical plug must be inserted into the free end of the pressure hose that connects the pump with the desiccator - the metal part - connect the other side, shaped as a rubber hose, to the desiccator inlet. So, it will be responsible of maki [...]

  • 18.00€

Single BHO pressure hose

Now available in Alchimiaweb the connecting tube between the pump and the desiccator , which resists the high pressures of the pump works, ensuring that it will not break and that the equipment operates efficiently. At one extreme we find a connect [...]

  • 16.00€

Vacuum pump mineral oil

Now you can supplement your Rothenbergen vacuum pump with this 1L bottle of mineral oil, thanks to Alchimia Grow Shop. This synthetic lubricating oil lets you refill the tank when your pump runs low of it, ensuring the smooth performance of the devi [...]

  • 1 liter30.00€

Colibri Gas without Impurities

Can of Gas without any impurities from Colibri. Colibri is known for producing the cleanest butane gas on the market. This means that the gas contains practically no impurities. This type of gas is best suited for Extraction of resin with the metho [...]

  • 400 ml (Product sold out)4.10€

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