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Orchid Myst

Orchid Myst
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Orchid Myst is a product that incorporates in its formulation a complex array of nutrients and organic growth stimulators, mimicking substances that orchids would find in their natural habitat growth.

It also dispenses organic insect repellent that will naturally move away pests of our gorgeous flowers, and essential oils to ensure a healthy glow of leaves.

In addition, it will be responsible to compensate and solve problems arising from excess irrigation of water or a too much salt load. If this hardness promotes high levels of chlorine in irrigation water, toxic element for the plants, Orchid Myst will solve it, as well as the deficiencies / excesses of fertilization.

All these liquid virtudes are sold in a bottle with nebulizer, which when applied, will replicate the most the tropical environment in which these plants live. Thus, we can apply a low but constant amount of nutrients for orchids at each irrigation, in a comfortable and simple way.

Orchid Myst Application:

  • Sprayed onto the substrate allowing it to trickle into the bottom of it, as it would happen in a wooded habitat. This method prevents stagnate or water pockets to be formed, besides enabling it to be assimilated by the plant for a proper oxygenation.
  • It can be sprayed liberally by leaves for foliar nutrition, moisture recreating of their natural habitat.
  • You can spray it on the roots in a aereophonic substrate.
  • It can be sprayed by the 3 areas at once, for a total care.
  • Apply every 2-3 days and once a month spray the entire plant with clean warm water

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