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Rocalba Organic Piñonet Piel De Sapo Papiro Melon

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Rocalba Organic Piñonet Piel De Sapo Papiro Melon Seeds, a fairly early variety ideal for cultivation in the vegetable garden as well as in large pot of at least 20L. Piñonet Piel De Sapo Papiro melon, vigor [...]

  • 3g (Product sold out)1.80€

Rocalba Organic Carentan 2 Green Leek

Alchimia presents Rocalba Organic Carentan 2 Green Leek Seeds, now available in our catalogue of vegetable garden products. Rocalba organic Carentan 2 green leek seeds: Carentan 2 green leeks have a medium life cycle, and are ideal for autumn or wi [...]

  • 3 g1.80€

Angel Hair Endive - Les Refardes

Cichorium endivia A curled leaf endive variety. Develops a head of more than 20cm in diameter. If harvested after the first cold weather, it loses its bitterness and fibrousness, taking on a sweet taste. Les Refardes - Angel Hair Endive - Sowing an [...]

  • ± 200 seeds3.00€

Rocalba French Breakfast 3 Organic Radish

Alchimia presents Rocalba French Breakfast 3 organic radish seeds, radishes with intense flavours. Rocalba French Breakfast 3 organic radish Rocalba French Breakfast organic Bio radish is an early variety that develops a sparse foliage. The roots [...]

  • 3g 1.80€

Batlle Organic Peppermint

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Batlle Organic Peppermint Seeds, an aromatic plant ideal for infusions. It is easy to cultivate both in the garden and in pots. Batlle organic Peppermint, easy to cultivate and very aromatic Peppermint (Mentha piperita) [...]

  • 0.05g (Product sold out)1.60€

Organic Romaine Lettuce - Les Refardes

Lactuca sativa L. Origin: Andreu Puigdueta, Caldes de Montbui. Barcelona province. This Romaine type lettuce develops large and very tasty thin leaves. It preserves very well after harvesting. It is an excellent variety for cultivation in pots or o [...]

  • ± 250 seeds (Product sold out)3.00€

Rocalba Thyme Organic Seeds

Alchimia presents Rocalba Thyme organic seeds, very aromatic and beneficial plants to include in all gardens. Rocalba Thyme organic seeds Thyme is an evergreen plant, always ready to offer its leaves when we need them. Rocalba thyme is a very arom [...]

  • 0,2 g1.80€

Rocalba Red Cherry Tomato Organic Seeds

Alchimia presents Rocalba Red Cherry tomato seeds, tomatoes with intense flavours that are ideal for taking as an aperitif or in salads. Rocalba Red Cherry organic tomato seeds The Red Cherry tomato plant is famous for its production of long colas [...]

  • 0,5 g (Product sold out)1.80€

Organic Batavia Lettuce - Les Rafardes

Lactuca Sativa L. Origin: Faura, el Papiol. Barcelona province. This Batavia type lettuce is tolerant to cold weather. It produces large pieces with dark-edged leaves, medium-crisp texture and very delicate flavour. It is an optimal variety for winte [...]

  • ± 325 seeds3.00€

Rocalba Organic Rocket

Alchimia presents Rocalba Organic Rocket Seeds, a tasty salad with slightly spicy accents. Rocalba Organic Rocket Rocalba organic rocket seeds produce highly ramified and fast-growing plants. Flowering is late, with a new growth of leaves after the h [...]

  • 0,5 g 1.80€

Rocalba Muchamiel Organic Tomate Seeds

Alchimia presents Rocalba Muchamiel organic tomato seeds, a plant that produces medium-large sized round tomatoes. These organic seeds are now available in our vegetable seeds catalogue. Rocalba Muchamiel organic tomato seeds Rocalba Muchamiel org [...]

  • 0,5 g 1.80€

Rocalba Coração de Boi Tomate Organic Seeds

Alchimia presents Rocalba Coração de Boi tomato organic seeds, a very tasty large tomato. Rocalba Coração tomato organic seeds All the Coração de Boi tomato seeds come from organic farming. These seeds are [...]

  • 0,2 g1.80€

Rocalba Organic Quadrato d'Asti Rosso Peppers

Alchimia presents Rocalba Organic Quadrato d'Asti Rosso Peppers seeds, now available in our catalogue of seeds for vegetable gardens! Rocalba Quadrato d'Asti Rosso peppers Quadrato d'Asti Rosso peppers grow vigorously and have a medium full cycle. [...]

  • 1.80€

Crimson Sweet Watermelon Bio Rocalba

Crimson Sweet is a classic watermelon variety found in all markets and fruit shops. It originated in the US in the 1960s, and from there it quickly spread all over the world thanks to its sweet taste and bright red fleshy flesh. This watermelon skin [...]

  • 4 gr1.80€

Rocalba Nantesa Organic Carrot Seeds

Alchimia is pleased to present Rocalba Nantesa 2 carrot organic seeds, an ideal carrot for summer production. Rocalba Nantesa 2 organic carrot seeds The Nantesa carrot is a variety with medium sized roots between 15-18cm. It develops in a cylindrical [...]

  • 25 g1.80€

Rocalba Ace 55 VF Organic Tomato Seeds

Alchimia presents Rocalba Ace 55 VF organic tomato seeds, classically shaped round tomatoes of good size. A particularly resistant variety, perfect for beginners in tomato cultivation. Rocalba Ace 55 VF organic tomato seeds Rocalba Ace 55 VF organic [...]

  • 0,5 g1.80€

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