Organic Egyptian Flat Beetroot - Les Refardes

Beta vulgaris L Egyptian Flat Beetroot has a very fast development cycle. It forms a round and flat root with a deep violet flesh. It has a very thin skin and narrow, dark red leaves. Plant very sensitive to lack of water. Les Refardes - Egyptian F [...]

  • ± 200 seeds3.00€

Organic Black Radish - Les Refardes

Raphanus sativus Black radish is a rustic variety, with black skin and white flesh, very aromatic and intense flavour. Ideal for eating grated in salads. This root has numerous health benefits. Black radish has antioxidant, digestive, diuretic, dep [...]

  • ± 200 seeds3.00€

Organic Country Leek - Les Refardes

Allium porrum Country Leek is a rustic variety with a high resistance to bolting and easy to cultivate. This vegetable belongs to the liliaceae family, just like onions and garlic. In the kitchen, it is usually used for the elaboration of soups, cre [...]

  • ± 325 seeds3.00€

Organic Lemon Cucumber - Les Refardes

Cucumis sativus A small rounded fruit similar to a plum with a green to light yellow colour. Its flavour is mild and very exquisite. Cucumber variety with very good production until the arrival of the first frosts. Les Refardes - Lemon Cucumber - S [...]

  • ± 20 seeds3.00€

Organic Country Cucumber - Les Refardes

Cucumis sativus A very productive Cucumber variety, large fruits with green skin. Its flesh is white with sweet flavour, not bitter at all. It requires water and nutrients for its cultivation. Les Refardes - Cucumber sowing and characteristics: [...]

  • ± 20 seeds3.00€

Organic Black Mountain Turnip - Les Refardes

Brassica napus Black Mountain Turnip is a variety with white flesh and dark brown, almost black skin. It has an elongated and slender shape of about 20 cm, although it can grow up to 35 cm. It is very well adapted to cold and dry areas. This turnip [...]

  • 200 seeds3.00€

Organic White Turnip - Les Refardes

Brassica napus White turnip forms a round root about 8cm in diameter, with whitish skin and flesh. This flesh is tender and has a delicate taste. The leaves can be cooked like spinach, or eaten raw in salads. The steamed or simmered root has laxativ [...]

  • 300 seeds3.00€

Organic Pinyonet Melon - Les Refardes

Cucumis melo L Pinyonet Melon is a crawling plant, very expansive, which produces not very large, pine nut-shaped melons. The fruit skin is smooth and green in colour, without grooves. The flesh is firm and creamy in colour, with a sweet taste and i [...]

  • 25 seeds3.00€

Les Refardes Popcorn

Zea mays Origin: Caldes de Montbui. Barcelona province. Popcorn seeds, a corn variety to make delicious popcorn by preparing them as you like best, sweet, salty, with butter, etc. It produces long and narrow ears with small colours grains ranging f [...]

  • ± 50 seeds3.00€

Organic Lincoln Pea - Les Refardes

Pisum sativum Lincoln Pea is a variety of half-stemmed pea. Its pods are short, very full and tightly packed. It is a very nutritious vegetable with a fairly intense sweet flavour. Les Refardes - Lincoln Pea - Sowing and characteristics: Direct [...]

  • ± 25 seeds (Product sold out)3.00€

Organic Giant Sunflower - Les Refardes

Helianthus annus The Giant Sunflower is a spectacular plant over 2m high, with usually with one head. Produces a high yield of seeds. Germinated sunflower seeds are high in protein, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and magnesium. They are also rich i [...]

  • 50 seeds (Product sold out)3.00€

Organic Sponge Gourd - Les Refardes

Luffa cylindrica The Sponge Gourd is a climbing plant with elongated fruits that are harvested before the first frost once they are completely dry. When the peel is removed, a plant fibre mass can be used as a sponge or scouring pad. It is best gro [...]

  • ± 20 seeds3.00€

Organic Thick Carentan Leek

Alchimia presents the Organic Thick Carentan Leek seeds, a variety of superior quality and a harvest with thick white stalks. Organic Thick Carentan Leek, easy to grow, high quality and great yields Carentan Leek is an easy to grow and undemanding [...]

  • 2 g 1.60€

Superaguadulce broad bean Eco - Batlle

Batlle's organic Superaguadulce Broad Bean seeds are now available at Alchimia Grow Shop in 30g packs, ready to germinate on your balcony, terrace or orchard. Superaguadulce Broad Bean, a seed with history This variety of broad bean was born in the [...]

  • 30g1.60€

Organic Giant Winter Spinach - Les Refardes

Spinacea oleracea L A hardy, cold-resistant spinach variety. Long and wide leaves of a dark green colour and a fleshy texture. Very good yield and great taste, eaten raw or cooked. It can be cultivated in any climate, although it adapts better to te [...]

  • ± 300 seeds3.00€

Alozaine Melon

Alchimia presents Alozaina Melon, organic seeds coming from Southern Spain. A melon with a striped skin and a cream coloured inside, very appreciated for its sweetness and strong aroma. Alozaina Melon, not very demanding with the substrate Alozaina [...]

  • ± 25 seeds 2.40€

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