Organic Potimarron Pumpkin - Les Refardes

Cucurbita maxima Pumpkin with solid orange-coloured flesh. Very sweet with a nutty aftertaste. 1.5 kg pieces with many seeds. The skin is thin and can be cooked with no need to peel. It has a medium shelf life. Les Refardes - Potimarron Pumpkin - S [...]

  • ± 15 seeds3.00€

Organic Styrian Oil Pumpkin - Les Refardes

Curcubita pepo var. styriaca Styrian oil pumpkin is used for seed production. This crawling plant produces round yellow pumpkins weighing about 3 kg. Its flesh is not very tasty, so it is cultivated for its seeds which have no skin and can be eaten [...]

  • ± 20 seeds3.00€

Garden Sunflower

Alchimia presents Garden Sunflover by Les Rafardes, a beautiful decorative plant, perfect for the garden or balcony. It produces several large, showy violet flowers. The seeds can also be used for consumption as sprouts. Garden Sunflower, decorative [...]

  • ±100 seeds 2.40€

Organic Bottle Gourd - Les Refardes

Lagenaria Siceraria Bottle Gourd is a crawling plant with hairy leaves that release a characteristic scent. Its flowers are white. Pumpkin variety very resistant to pests and diseases. It is advisable to plant it in a place where it can be trellised [...]

  • ± 20 seeds (Product sold out)3.00€

Organic Fig-leaf Gourd - Les Refardes

Cucurbita ficifolia Fig-leaf gourd is a species of squash, a creeping plant of great vigour. It produces fruits up to 3 kg. Its skin is white, green, with a white flesh with a fibrous texture, and black seeds. It can be kept all winter. Its flesh is [...]

  • ± 15 seeds3.00€

Organic Courgette - Les Refardes

Cucurbita pepo Very productive courgette variety, with beautiful dark green fruits. Courgette is a very tasty vegetable that can be eaten either cooked or raw. Nutritionally, courgette is notable for its vitamin C content. Les Refardes – Cou [...]

  • ± 20 seeds3.00€

Long Black Aubergine

Solanum melongena L Origin: Puig de la Bauma, Mura (Bages), Barcelona A very vigorous plant producing black and elongated fruits, hanging from a tall dense bush. These aubergines are ideal for frying as do not absorb any oil and offer a delicious t [...]

  • ± 50 seeds3.00€

Les Refardes White Aubergine

Solanum melongena L. Origin: Manresa, Bages, Barcelona It is a variety of aubergine that produces white and rounded fruit with a mild, non-spicy flavour. It is not very vigorous but will produce fruits until the first frost. Thanks to the thin skin [...]

  • ± 50 seeds3.00€

Les Refardes Eco Swiss Chard

Beta vulgaris L. Origin: JMª Gamisans, Vic, Catalonia. Place and harvest year: Mas Serrarica, Vic, 2015 It is a variety with dark leaves and a narrow stalk. This vegetable is notable because of its nutrient and mineral content such as calcium [...]

  • ± 200 seeds3.00€

Rocalba Carrot Nantesa 2 Seeds

Alchimia presents Rocalba Carrot Nantesa 2 Seeds, a vegetable root from the umbelliferae family that can be cultivated directly in open ground or in a pot. The seeds are presented in biodegradable paper tapes, with the correct separation between see [...]

  • 5 m - 480 seeds (aprox)1.80€ 1.50€

Rocalba Nantesa Organic Carrot Seeds

Alchimia is pleased to present Rocalba Nantesa 2 carrot organic seeds, an ideal carrot for summer production. Rocalba Nantesa 2 organic carrot seeds The Nantesa carrot is a variety with medium sized roots between 15-18cm. It develops in a cylindrical [...]

  • 25 g1.80€

Crimson Sweet Watermelon Bio Rocalba

Crimson Sweet is a classic watermelon variety found in all markets and fruit shops. It originated in the US in the 1960s, and from there it quickly spread all over the world thanks to its sweet taste and bright red fleshy flesh. This watermelon skin [...]

  • 4 gr1.80€

Rocalba Organic Rocket

Alchimia presents Rocalba Organic Rocket Seeds, a tasty salad with slightly spicy accents. Rocalba Organic Rocket Rocalba organic rocket seeds produce highly ramified and fast-growing plants. Flowering is late, with a new growth of leaves after the h [...]

  • 0,5 g 1.80€

Rocalba National 2 Organic Radish

Alchimia presents Rocalba National 2 organic radish seeds, a variety with rustic characteristics. Rocalba National 2 organic radish Rocalba National 2 organic radish is a variety with a medium cycle and rustic characteristics. This plant produces [...]

  • 3g1.80€ 1.50€

Rocalba French Breakfast 3 Organic Radish

Alchimia presents Rocalba French Breakfast 3 organic radish seeds, radishes with intense flavours. Rocalba French Breakfast 3 organic radish Rocalba French Breakfast organic Bio radish is an early variety that develops a sparse foliage. The roots [...]

  • 3g 1.80€

Rocalba Organic Saxa 2 Radish

Alchimia presents Rocalba Organic Saxa 2 Radish Seeds, now available in our vegetable garden seeds catalogue. Rocalba organic Saxa 2 radishes, early and consistent variety Saxa 2 radishes is a strain with an early cycle. The plant can be cultivated [...]

  • 5 g1.80€ 1.50€

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