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Vibes Cones Coffin 1¼

Alchimia presents Vibes Cones Coffin pre-rolled paper in the classic 1¼ size. These six pre-rolled cones are now available in our cigarette papers catalogue. Get ready at all times with these six packs with 1¼ size pre-rolled cones. Ju [...]

  • Hemp - 6 units3.00€
  • Rice - 6 units3.00€

OTTO 20x 12cm Premium Cones

The 12cm Premium Cones for the OTTO Automatic Grinder/Roller (made by Banana Bros, same manufacturer as the device) are now available at Alchimia Grow Shop. You can fully enjoy all the intelligent herb grinder features. These pre-rolled paper cones [...]

  • (Out of stock)8.99€

Pay Pay Go Green 1.1/4

Alchimia introduces you to Pay Pay's Green Go rolling paper, unbleached and made from alfalfa, lending it a light green color and offering quality smoke without any undesirable taste. The manufacturing process behind Pay Pay Go Green papers is entir [...]

  • 0.90€

Pay Pay Go Green Slim

Pay Pay's Go Green rolling papers are made of alfalfa, with a curious pale green colour since they're unbleached. These slow combustion cigarette papers are then chlorine free, resistant and with no aftertaste at all, providing a very pleasant expe [...]

  • 1.00€

Natural Paper 1/4 Lion Rolling Circus

Lion Rolling Circus presents this paper booklets in the format 1/4, unbleached and with 100% certified organic natural gum. These booklets with an unforgettable design contain 50 leaves with a size of 78mm x 44mm. Made with paper of French origin an [...]

  • (Out of stock)0.90€

1¼ Vibes rolling papers

Alchimia presents Vibes papers in standard size and available either as hemp or rice paper, available online now in our rolling paper catalogue. By choosing the hemp-based paper, you will have the opportunity to make the most of the flavours of the [...]

  • Hemp - 50 units1.25€
  • Rice1.25€

Vibes Cones Coffin King Size

Alchimia invites you to discover these King Size pre-rolled Vibes Coffin Cones. Each pack contains 3 high-quality, pre-rolled cones available online now in our rolling paper catalogue. Thanks to the pre-rolled Vibes Cones you will always be ready to [...]

  • Hemp - 3 units2.50€
  • Rice2.50€

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Paper

Experience the most luxurious way to roll your cigars, the Shine 24K Gold Rolling Paper. This product is now available in our smoking accessories catalogue at Alchimia. Shine 24K Gold rolling paper Live a unique experience while smoking your cigars [...]

  • 10.00€

Double rolling paper Sunray

Ultra Thin Rolling Papers French in origin, served in a dual booklet of 100-sheet. This rolling paper is standard format, 1/1.4, and gummed with natural Arabic paste. Its combustion is very slow, allowing you to savor all the flavor of your smoking [...]

  • 0.80€

Sunray Papers 1 ¼ 50 leaves

Ultra Thin Rolling Papers Made in France. This rolling paper is medium format, 1/1.4, with natural arabic gum. Being ultra-thin is its combustion is very slow, allowing you to savour all the flavour of your favourite blends or marijuana . They come [...]

  • 0.50€

Sunray King Size Papers 32 leaves

Ultra Thin Rolling Papers from the French brand Sunray. This rolling paper is really thin, which will ensures very slow burning, allowing you to savour the aroma of your favourite blends or marijuana . Embossed and decorated on the front with an or [...]

  • 0.50€

ALEDINHA smoking paper - Mini Size - 50 sheets

100% vegetal and transparent hand rolling paper. Biodegradable, tasteless, odourless and flame retardant. Less harmful to your health than regular white rolling papers. Aledinha is a transparent cellulose paper which does not contain the usual chem [...]

  • 1.80€

Paper GREENGO king Size Slim

The GREENGO King-Size Slim rolling paper is quickly becoming the most requested choice in the world of the smoker thanks to it's great concept: a cigarette paper totally free of chlorine. GREENGO King-Size Slim is elaborated with a mixture certified [...]

  • 0.70€

Paper Greengo 1. 1/4

The smoking paper GREENGO 1.1/4 is becoming the most requested choice in the world of smoking by a great concept: it's a smoking paper totally chlorine free. The paper GREENGO 1.1/4 is made ​​of a mixture certified by the Forest Stewardship Counc [...]

  • 0.70€

Rolling paper ABADIE 500 u.

Alchimiaweb presents here the Abadie rolling paper, a Spanish company that manufactures ultra thin and slow burning smoking paper. This 500-paper pack is a very popular choice among smokers worldwide. With its medium size and natural gum, Abadie rol [...]

  • 3.80€

Paper Roller R-36 Natur 4m roll

Roll of rolling paper without chlorine from the brand Roller Alda. This unbleached paper will avoid us inhaling chemicals impregnated in the paper due to the bleaching process, so it should not scare us its brownish color. Served on a 4m roll in a [...]

  • 1.10€

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