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Panama Regular
Panama Regular
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Panama Regular

Panama is a strain created by crossing 3 excellent sativa marijuana plants of Panamanian and Colombian origin, that were acclimated for 7 generations to indoor growing and less warm climates.

The result of much work offers us a high plant with many vegetative vigor, which will branch so much to offer greater flower production.

These flowers are dense and wide, and they will be dipped in resin; if the right conditions are met, the fuzzes of the stigmas will begin to turn into shades of pink.

The effect is stimulating and psychedelic, very exhilarating and funny, and the aroma is reminiscent of quality Panamanian sativas of the 70's, with a background of fermented lemon and hints of vanilla.

Features of Panama from Cannabiogen:

  • Genetics: Panama '74 x Panama Green x Colombian Red Dot
  • Regular seeds
  • Flowering: 9-12 weeks, third week of October
  • Production: High
  • Highly resistant to fungus and pests
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