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Petahyah is a product of The Hype Guardian line. A range of phytosanitary products developed with the registered MJ-SHIELD formula. As well as preventing specific pests, these products stimulate natural defences and improve the general plant development.

Petahyah is a real inductor for the defences and the auto-immune system for plants. A 100% organic product made of organic matter resulting from microbial fermentation. Petahyah helps plants be ready for a quick response to stress conditions caused by adverse weather conditions or by the much feared pests and diseases.

In conditions of extreme heat or cold, drought, insect or fungal infestation or disease, the use of The Hype Guardian elicitors contributes towards plants being better prepared to withstand stress. This results in the plant focusing all the energy on producing flowers and fruit.

Petahyah contains silicon in addition to the MJ-SHIELD formula which activates the plant metabolic pathways. Silicon is an indispensable element for strengthening plant tissue and ensuring a vigorous and robust development. It also incorporates amino acids and zinc, a microelement that plays an important role in plant metabolism.

The Hype Petahyah dosage

  • Foliar: 2ml/l - Can be used during the whole plant cycle. Always use in low light intensity conditions.
  • Irrigation: 2ml/l

The Hype Petahyah composition

  • 86.90% registered MJ-SHIELD formula
  • 8% water-soluble silicon (SiO2)
  • 3% free amino acids
  • 2.10% Water-soluble zinc (Zn)

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