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Milwaukee EC Wall Monitor

The Milwaukee EC monitor is a professional wall-mounted meter that gives fast, reliable and continuous readings of the EC (electrical conductivity) or the amount of dissolved salts in a liquid solution and thereby allows us to better manage plant fee [...]

  • 110.00€ 104.50€

pH Kontrol 01 Pump

Now available in Alchimia, this pH Kontrol 01 dosing pump with probe and regulator will continuously measure the pH of your nutrient solution, keeping it constant automatically. The peristaltic pump is designed so that the pH controller liquid is tr [...]

  • 270.00€ 243.00€

PH/EC/Temp Trident Meter from Essentials

In the cultivation of cannabis controlling all parameters is important in order to optimise the growth and flowering of our cannabis plants. From Alchimia Grow Shop we present the Trident meter from the brand Essentials, which will facilitate measur [...]

  • 169.00€ 143.65€

GHE pH Tester - Liquid

GHE pH Tester - Liquid will make plants grow better. It is important that the pH of the nutrient solution is slightly acid: 5.5 to 6.5 is considered ideal. It contains pH regulatory elements that allow the nutrient solution to reach stability and r [...]

  • 6.50€ 5.20€

Remplacement Trident Essentials test Probe

Replacement Probe for Essentials Trident PH/EC/Temperature. This probe comprises two electrodes for measuring the conductivity of the water as well as the pH. Three reliable temperature measurements for a single measuring apparatus. Essentials Trid [...]

  • 90.00€ 72.00€

Milwaukee Classic PH and EC Case (MW100 + MW302 portable)

This mobil meter Kit from Milwaukee is designed for discontinuous use and it stands out for its incredible value for money, so this kit is more than interesting for growers who have mastered the art of growing in a hydroponic medium and aeroponic. I [...]

  • 198.00€ 188.10€

Replacement EC Probe for Milwaukee MW302

This SE520 EC Probe is the original spare part replacement for the Milwaukee EC MW302 portable meter. It is important to replace the probe in case of breakage or when it provides unreliable readings. Keeping the electrode clean as part of the probe [...]

  • 65.00€ 58.50€

Extra pH Probe for Milwaukee - 2 mts cable

The continuous pH meters require a probe support and this must be replaced periodically for the most accurate pH measurement in the nutrient solution which we use to feed our cannabis plants. With the replacement PH probe you can have a spare probe [...]

  • for Milwaukee MC110/MC72065.00€ 58.50€

GHE pH Down - powder - 25gr

pH Down Powder It is harmless when dry. It becomes a powerful regulator of pH when mixed with water. It is economical and very concentrated. It can be used during the growth period and when flowering. Contains nutrients necessary for the marijua [...]

  • 2.50€ 2.38€
UP TO 10%

GHE pH Regulator - Reducer - 1 L

We have found a means to regulate the pH that also has other benefits, in addition to the balanced mixture of acids. We have incorporated organic buffers into the product in order to stabilise the pH and help control calcium in hard water. A good s [...]

  • 500 ml7.00€ 6.65€
  • 1L12.00€ 10.80€

GHE UP pH regulator - 1 L

GHE UP pH regulator - 1 L is used to raise the pH, it is very helpful for growers who use water that is demineralised or has passed through an osmosis filter. This new version contains silicate. The lack of silicate can be a disadvantage in hydropo [...]

  • 12.00€ 10.80€

HESI pH Reducer - minus Bloom - 1 L

Concentrated salt solution to reduce the pH level of the water during the flowering period. HESI pH MINUS BLOOM 1 L does not harm the plants. 1 litre bottle. [...]

  • 10.00€ 9.00€

PH SE220 Probe for Milwaukee MW100

Here at alchimiaweb you can now find the SE220 replacement probe for the Milwaukee MW100 pH meter. A gel-filled pH double junction electrode with a BNC connector and 1m cable, ideal to perform pH readings easily and efficiently. The pH probes h [...]

  • 60.00€ 54.00€

TRABE Citric acid - 1 L

Citric acid is a natural Ph corrector, and in addition to being used to control pH in nutrient solutions, it can also be used for cleaning ducts or water pipes. Lemon juice concentrate has a pH of 2.2 so that when you use it, supply small amounts. [...]

  • 10.00€ 9.00€

Replacement EC Probe for Milwaukee MC740/MC310 meter

The replacement EC probe for the Milwaukee MC310 or MC740 meter is the original Milwaukee spare piece. Two meters long cable designed to replace the electrode if the original is in poor condition or in case of breakage. In order [...]

  • 68.00€ 64.60€

Calibration solution pH - 7.01 - 230 ml

Ideal for calibrating digital pH meters that have a calibration point of 7.01. Immerse the meter probe into the calibration liquid and wait a few seconds, and the meter can be calibrated, ready for proper use. It is advisable to periodically calibra [...]

  • 230 ml (Product sold out)12.50€ 11.25€

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