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Phytoled Clorofilla Pro

Phytoled Clorofilla Pro
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Phytoled Clorofilla Pro is a professional LED lighting panel, created from the collaboration between three powerful lighting market companies Phytoled, Osram and Cree, the lighting and LED leading market brands.

Phytoled Chlorophyll Pro is built in a resistant metallic body with a large aluminium dissipater and an exceptional ventilation system that makes possible its use even in the hottest season.

Phytoled Chlorophyll Pro, a quality LED panel

The LED panel is composed of a central LED, a Cree 50w COB CBX 3070, surrounded in circular form by 12 Osram 3w SSL80 LEDS designed specifically for indoor cultivation. The COB lenses are made of borosilicate glass and can be moved outwards to increase the light emission angle from 60º to 120º, thus increasing the cultivation surface area but reducing light penetration, an ideal option for SOG or SCROG.

This combination between COB and osram SSL80 produce a wide light spectrum where red and blue colours stand out. Both the central COB and the 12 osram satellite LEDs have 2 independent channels with a separate on/off switch which allows to switch on both LEDs types at the same time and only one type according to the cultivation stage. For example you can use the COB only in growth and the COB + SSL80 in the flowering phase.

Phytoled Chlorophyll Pro with a wide light spectrum

The 12 Osram LEDs are set in 5 deep red 660mn LEDs, 3 red 630nm LEDs, 1 far-red 730mn LED, 2 white 6500k LEDs and 1 deep blue 450mn LED. The COB CBX 3070 has a 3000k white colour.

The different Phytoled Chlorophyll models provide an excellent watt/gram ratio really efficient in indoor cultivation, highlighting the bud terpenic quality thanks to the low thermal emission of this light system.

LED lighting systems can be used in indoor cultivation, regardless of the culture medium used whether soil, coconut or hydroponic garden systems. Phytoled Pro adapts well to different cultivation techniques such as SOG or SCROG by simply removing the COB LED optics for a higher light emission angle and lower light penetration.

Phytoled Chlorophyll Pro models:

  • Chlorophyll Pro 80w
  • Chlorophyll Pro 165w
  • Chlorophyll Pro 330w
  • Chlorophyll Pro 459w

Phytoled Chlorophyll Pro info:

  • Power: 85w, 165w, 330w or 459w
  • LED type: COB + SSL80
  • LED distribution per module: 1x 50w COB + 12x 3w LED SSL80
  • Colours range LEDS: 3 red 630nm, 1 red 730mn, 2 white 6500k, 1 blue 450mn and the COB CBX 3070 white colour 3000k
  • 2 independent channels: COB White, SSL80 Blue + SSL80 Red

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