Plant It Aeros I System
Plant It Aeros I System
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Plant It Aeros I System

The Aeros I hydroponics system works on the Deep Water Culture system. With very little substrate, space and fertilizers will work wonders with your marijuana plants.

The system consists of a nucket acting as a tank, with a top hole were is placed a perforated pot in which will place a marijuana cutting planted in a small amount of inert substrate as arlita. The top cover of the bucket prevents the contamination of the nutrient solution, avoiding the introduction of algae or other pathogens to the system.

An air pump oxygenates the water, while maintains it in motion by bubbles generation, giving the certainty that the water mixed with the food is always in optimum condition.

Thus, the moisture released by the water itself will stimulate the plant to grow roots into it, allowing the plant to absorb the needed food by itself.

A side indicator will show the level of N/S of the tank, so we know when to refill it, and a top opening allow us to easily see inside the tank, in addition to measuring the EC and pH.

Aeros Plant System I properties:

  • Dimensions: 357mm x 353mm x 303mm
  • Includes air pump
  • Includes indicator of the water level reservoir
  • It has a top hole for pH and EC mesuring and for refill the tank
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