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Iolite Wispr E

Wispr E is the new vaporiser developed by Iolite, an improved version of their Wispr 2. This portable herb vaporizer is ideal for novice vapers, both for its quality and price. Already available in Alchimiaweb's catalog. This easy-to-use vaping devi [...]

  • Blue (Product sold out)86.00€ 77.40€
  • Orange86.00€ 77.40€
  • Black (Product sold out)86.00€ 77.40€
  • Red86.00€ 81.70€
  • Green (Product sold out)86.00€ 77.40€
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Iolite WISPR 2 Vaporizer

The WISPR 2 Vaporiser from Iolite is a new way to consume your favorite herbs free from smoke or combustion. This evolution of the Iolite vaporiser has improved several points of its design, making remarkable progress in terms of quality and usabilit [...]

  • Orange117.00€ 105.30€
  • Green117.00€ 105.30€
  • Brown117.00€ 105.30€
  • Garnet117.00€ 105.30€
  • Blue117.00€ 99.45€
  • Black117.00€ 105.30€
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Arizer Air

The new Arizer Air vaporizer is the last model produced by Arizer, a renowned brand for its quality products, like Extrem Q or the portable device Arizer Solo . Arizer air is portable, light and very compact, easy to use and clean and with the leadin [...]

  • European Plug - Titanium187.00€ 168.30€
  • Black187.00€ 149.60€
  • Silver187.00€ 177.65€
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Iolite vaporizer V2

The Iolite vaporizer uniformly heats herbs to the required temperature for a quality vaping experience, anytime, anywhere and in just 45 seconds.The key to achieve this is the thermostatic control. The Patented catalytic gas technology integrates a p [...]

  • Orange89.00€ 80.10€
  • Blue89.00€ 80.10€
  • Purple89.00€ 80.10€
  • Yellow89.00€ 80.10€
  • Red89.00€ 80.10€
  • Black89.00€ 80.10€
  • Green89.00€ 84.55€
  • White89.00€ 84.55€

Iolite V2 + bong adapter + Easy Flow Budgie kit

This vaping kit includes the Iolite V2 vaporizer, a bong adapter and the Easy Flow Budgie bubbler with 14mm joint, so you can cool down and hydrate the vapour thanks to its percolator, thus improving the vaping experience. Now available in Alchimia G [...]

  • Orange130.00€ 123.50€
  • Yellow130.00€ 123.50€

Arizer Air + Budgie Bubbler kit

Alchimia presents here this vaping kit, which includes the Arizer Air vaporizer and a vertical bubbler with percolator, the Budgie Bubbler. In this way, you can coold down and hydrate your vapours without depending on bongs or bubblers. The kit incl [...]

  • Titanium234.00€ 222.30€
  • Silver234.00€ 222.30€
  • Black234.00€ 222.30€

Arizer Air + Easy Flow Bubbler kit

Alchimia presents this vaping kit, composed of the Arizer Air vaporizer and the Easy flow Bubbler with percolator, a small bubbler that hydrates and cools the vapour. We just have to fill the Easy Flow Bubbler with some water to improve the vaping e [...]

  • Black221.00€ 209.95€
  • Silver221.00€ 209.95€
  • Titanium221.00€ 209.95€

Xvape Aria

Xvape presents its new portable vaporiser model for dry grass and concentrates consumption. A vaporiser with the most advanced technology to make the most of your cannabis in the best conditions. This product is now available in our portable vaporise [...]

  • 99.00€ 79.20€

Atmos Jump vaporizer

Alchimiaweb presents here the Jump vaporizer, a pen-type vaping device created by Atmos very similar to conventional e-cigarettes. With its carbon fiber housing and elegant design, it can vaporize up to 0.2gr of dried and grinded buds. The heating c [...]

  • Carbon (Product sold out)69.00€ 62.10€

Boundless CFC 2.0 Vaporiser

Alchimia invites you to discover the ultra-portable Boundless CFC 2.0 vaporiser, an improved version of an already proven model, now available in our portable vaporiser catalogue. With this model, Boundless offers one of the most effective and acces [...]

  • (Product sold out)89.00€ 80.10€

Vaporizer Magic Flight launch Box V.II

Finally, we present the Magic Flight launch Box V.II vaporizer, the smallest and most versatile portable vaporizer that you can find on the market. Its size and ease of use make of it one of the most discreet devices. On the other hand, remember tha [...]

  • Maple (Product sold out)108.00€ 102.60€
  • Walnut118.00€ 112.10€
  • Cherry-tree (Product sold out)118.00€ 112.10€

Magic Flight + UFO + batteries kit

Now Alchimia presents here this kit for vaping your favourite buds. It includes the Magic Flight vaporizer, a set of spare batteries and the UFO, a device that turns any water glass into a bubbler. In this way, you can vape your herbs through a bubb [...]

  • Maple (Product sold out)130.00€ 123.50€
  • Cherry-tree (Product sold out)140.00€ 133.00€
  • Walnut144.00€ 136.80€

Magic Flight + bong adapter kit

This kit includes the Magic Flight vaporizer (walnut, maple or cherry wood) and a 14mm adapter for compatible bongs and bubblers, so you can cool down and hydrate your favourite vapours. Now available in Alchimia Grow Shop. Magic Flight + bubbler/bo [...]

  • Maple (Product sold out)119.00€ 113.05€
  • Cherry-tree (Product sold out)119.00€ 113.05€
  • Walnut (Product sold out)129.00€ 122.55€

Magic Flight + Orbiter + power cord kit

Alchimiaweb presents here the vaping kit, which includes the Magic Flight vaporizer (maple, walnut or cherry wood), a power cord and the Orbiter bubbler, so you can enjoy fresh, hydrated quality vapour by regulating the vaping temperature with the co [...]

  • Maple (Product sold out)234.00€ 222.30€
  • Cherry-tree (Product sold out)244.00€ 231.80€
  • Walnut (Product sold out)254.00€ 241.30€

The Swiss by Atmos

Alchimia invites you to discover the new Atmos vaporiser: The Swiss, a versatile and high-quality vaporiser, now in our catalogue of vaporisers for cannabis flowers and resins. With The Swiss, you can vaporise your dry cannabis flowers and cannabino [...]

  • 129.95€ 116.96€

Pulsar APX V2 Flower Vaporiser

If you are interested in a vaporiser that combines discretion and efficiency then here we have an excellent option with the new Pulsar APX V2 portable vaporiser. Available online now here in Alchimiaweb. The APX V2 portable dry herb vaporiser f [...]

  • Black82.00€ 73.80€
  • Skull82.00€ 73.80€
  • Wood82.00€ 73.80€
  • Tie Dye82.00€ 73.80€

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