Only in Alchimiaweb, Pro-XL Mini Pack is a complete range of nutrients for cannabis plants, easy to use and extremely efficient. These concentrated mineral fertilizers offer excellent results in all types of growing medium, providing vigorous growth [...]

  • (Out of stock)69.50€

Pro-xl Bloom XXL

The bloom booster from Pro-xl Bloom XXL is already available in Alchimiaweb, formulated to be used as PK supplement from the third week of the flowering period. Bloom XXL complements your nutrient solution with 15-16 PK, besides containing iron and [...]

  • 500ml (Out of stock)30.25€

Pro-xl Stop Grow

Stop Grow from Pro-Xl is a new and innovative product, designed to stop the growth of plants while stimulating their flowering, avoiding height issues in indoor cannabis grow rooms. This growth regulator stops the vertical growth of cannabis plants, [...]

  • 30ml (Out of stock)34.50€

Pro-xl PRO Start

Alchimia presents here Pro-Xl PRO Start, a root stimulator designed for the first days of life of marijuana plants . This light fertilizer contains polyphosphate, potassium and nitric acid in the perfect proportion to stimulate a vigorous and fast g [...]

  • 250ml (Out of stock)32.80€

Pro-XL Grow A&B

Pro-XL Grow is a 2-component (A+B) growth fertilizer that contains all the needed nutrients for our marijuana plants in the ideal proportion. Now available in Alchimia. These mineral fertilizers are highly concentrated, designed to optimize the deve [...]

  • 1L (Out of stock)23.30€

Pro-xl Bloom A&B

Pro-Xl Bloom is a 2-part fertilizer for the flowering stage of plants with all the macro and micro elements needed by our marijuana plants . It is a very well balanced fertilizer to achieve extraordinary yields. Now available for you in Alchimiaweb. [...]

  • 1L (Out of stock)23.30€

Pro-xl Quick Boost

Quick Boost from Pro-Xl is now available in Alchimiaweb, a bloom stimulator that ensures a correct assimilation of potassium during the flowering stage of cannabis plants . This flowering enhancer contains polyphosphate, potassium and nitric acid, r [...]

  • 250ml (Out of stock)32.80€

Pro-xl Flora Exploder

Flora Exploder is a flower enhancer for the last stage of the flowering period, designed to obtain a fast and proper development of the buds. Now available in Alchimia. This product stimulates the formation of floral shoots from the third week of th [...]

  • 250ml (Out of stock)35.40€

Pro-xl Pro Enzymen

Already available in Alchimiaweb, Pro Enzymen is a plant reinforcer especially designed to protect roots from diseases, what can cause serious problems to cannabis plants . It is a mix of high quality enzyme complexes that regulate the air in the su [...]

  • 500ml36.30€

Pro-xl Pro-Clean

Now available for you in Alchimiaweb, Pro-Clean is a cleaner for drip irrigation systems designed to avoid clogging and buildup in our marijuana crops. This product has a very efficient composition that prevents our system from salt buildups that ma [...]

  • 500ml (Out of stock)24.80€

Pro-xl Kill

Pro-Xl presents Pro-Xl Kill, an insecticide with active principles against spider mites . This product is efficient in both adults and larvae ans stays active for 2 weeks against adults and 45 days for larvae and eggs. We can repeat the treatment af [...]

  • 30ml (Out of stock)34.50€

Pro-xl Kill 5

Kill 5 from Pro-Xl is a potent chemical insecticide agains spider mites that prevents this pest to develop resistance to insecticides in following generations. It also protects our marijuana plants from virus and bacteria. To apply if the pest presen [...]

  • 30ml (Out of stock)34.50€

Pro-xl Anti-Mil

Anti-Mil is a product from Pro-Xl created to control powdery mildew , Pucciniomycetes and downy mildew attacks on your marijuana plants. Already available in Alchimia's catalog. This product has been designed to be used as preventive, before we noti [...]

  • 30ml (Out of stock)34.50€

Pro-xl Anti-Bac

Anti-Bac from Pro-Xl is a preventive product against fungus, bacteria and virus attacks for our marijuana crops , which protects or plants and prevents them from these fungal infections. Now available in Alchimia's catalog. This product helps us to [...]

  • 30ml (Out of stock)34.50€

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