Raspberry Boogie by Mosca Seeds
Raspberry Boogie by Mosca Seeds
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Raspberry Boogie by Mosca Seeds

Raspberry Boogie from Mosca Seeds is an Indica-dominant (60/40) cannabis hybrid created by crossing Sour Raspberry with Pink 2.0. and available now as regular seeds at Alchimiaweb.

The result of this cross is a compact cannabis plant with an easily-controllable low-growing bushy structure reaching 1m tall, making it ideal for indoor cultivation under lights.

While it's ideal for indoor growing, Raspberry Boogie can also be grown outdoors or in a greenhouse and plants adapt well to all cultivation systems and substrates: soil, coco, hydro or aero.

Outdoors, Raspberry Boogie prefers a hot and dry Mediterranean-type climate to express itself fully. It can also be grown in cooler, more humid areas if you use a greenhouse and choose a sunny spot for it to produce buds of the highest quality.

Raspberry Boogie adapts really well to pruning techniques and when given a longer veg period it is highly recommendable for SCROG (Screen of Green) cultivation, as being a well branched plant its bud sites will be distributed evenly on the support net.

It can also be grown in SOG (Sea of Green) with a much shorter growth period, using small pots to favor vertical development, and by removing the lower branches to divert the plant's energy upwards and to favour the production of the main cola.

Very quick to flower, Raspberry Boogie will be mature and ready to cut after no more than 56 days of flowering, when its compact heads composed of large calyxes will be completely covered with resin. If the temperatures are cool towards the final stages of cultivation the flowers and leaves take on dramatic mauve colors, thanks to the action of antocianins, a genetic trait inherited from the Pink 2.0.

Its potency is impressive, thanks to a high cannabinoid content, with some phenotypes testing at up to 25.1% THC combined with a high level of CBD, leading to a positive and meditative cerebral effect accompanied by a strong feeling of physical relaxation that leaves smokers relaxed and smiling. At the medicinal level it very suitable to combat the pain caused by arthritis.

Its taste and smell are intense thanks to a high terpene content, a complex and satisfying aroma combining a sweet and fruity base enriched with leather and resinous notes.

Mosca Seeds Raspberry Boogie info:

  • Genetics: Raspberry x Pink 2.0
  • Type: Regular seeds
  • Indica/Sativa hybrid
  • Indoor flowering: 8 weeks
  • Harvest outdoors: Early October
  • Outdoor yield: up to 1000g per plant
  • Indoor yield: 600g per m2
  • THC: 25.1%
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