RAW - Unbleached rolling paper

Ever since their introduction on the market, RAW have become one of the sector leaders in manufacturing quality rolling paper. Indeed, RAW papers are 100% free from chemical additives and chlorine.

These unbleached rolling papers are manufactured in the most sustainable way possible, using 100% organic natural fibers and renewable energy. Packaging is made of recycled materials and hemp organic plastic.

All this, along with their extensive catalog, makes RAW one of the most demanded brands on the market.

Featured products in RAW - Unbleached rolling paper

Featured offers RAW - Unbleached rolling paper


RAW King Size Slim + Tips

Alchimia presents these RAW King Size Rolling Papers with cardboard filters so you always have the essentials to hand for rolling your cannabis joints. These packages contain 32 unbleached sheets in King Size format (110 x 44mm) with 32 filters. [...]

  • 1.50€ 1.35€

RAW Box + Grinder metal 300's

Alchimia now offers the RAW 300 protective case with integrated grinder. This metal box is the ideal format to store Raw 300 leaf packets. It protects the content and at the same time it is fitted with a grinder (card type) to grind our favourite he [...]

  • 6.75€ 6.50€

RAW Classic Emperor Cone

Alchimia presents the RAW Classic Emperor pre-rolled Cone, to be filled with your favourite herbal mixtures. RAW Emperor Cone is 180mm long with a 45mm filter in order to make big joints. It is 100% natural and plant-based, made from unbleached RAW [...]

  • (Out of stock)2.00€ 1.40€

RAW Case + Grinder metal 1¼

Alchimia presents a protective case for Raw 1¼" rolling paper with a grinder. A metal box that protects our rolling paper packet as well as incorporating a grinder for shredding cannabis flowers. A gadget with two functions that will quickly [...]

  • 5.75€ 5.55€

Raw Cone Challenge Classic 60cm

Raw Challenge Cone Classic 60cm, a pre-rolled cone to fill with your favourite herbal blends. It is made using classic Raw rolling paper, and offers an optimal flavour experience with no chemical whiteners. Take the challenge now and try the Raw Ch [...]

  • 19.95€ 19.35€

Raw Black King Size Slim

Alchimia presents Raw Black Papers in King Size format, ideal for smokers who want to make the most of their grass terpene profile using one of the finest rolling papers available on the market. The raw material used in the paper manufacture comes f [...]

  • 1.20€ 1.05€

Raw Black 1/4

Raw presents Raw Black in 1/4 format, now available in our rolling paper catalogue at Alchimiaweb. Raw Black range is made up of unbleached non-white and very fine rolling paper using a double pressing method. This is the finest unbleached paper Ra [...]

  • 1.00€ 0.70€

RAW Organic Papers 1/1.4

Rolling Papers from the organic range of the brand RAW. RAW Organic papers are made from hemp , grown organically and unbleached, making this the first 100% organic hemp paper on the market. The colour of the paper will vary from one leaf to anothe [...]

  • 0.85€ 0.71€

RAW King Size Slim 200 sheets

Alchimia presents the 200-leaf book of the famous Raw King Size Slim papers, a perfectly-sized pack to ensure you're never caught out without a healthy supply of rolling material. Ultra-thin and unbleached, Raw rolling papers have quickly become a c [...]

  • 3.00€ 2.85€

RAW 1.1/4 - Smoking Paper

Raw1.1/4 Slim Pack contains 32 sheets of ultra-thin cigarette paper made from rice and linen, 100% natural and chlorine free. The manufacturing process uses no chemicals producing papers that are lead and arsenic free. The Smoking Raw 1.1/4 Slim S [...]

  • 0.80€ 0.66€

RAW Papers Kingsize Slim

Unbleached Papers from the brand RAW. These ultrathin King Size papers have brownish tones, since they have not gone through any bleaching process, hence contain no toxic elements. These papers are 100% toxic free. From the Classic range, an excell [...]

  • 0.85€ 0.77€

Set of 3 Paper Cones

Packet of pre-rolled cones from RAW. Inside the recycled packet are 3 three rolled papers with a carton of filter tips, king size papers to be filled with your preferred marijuana . Raw papers are 100% free of bleach, so it is free of chemical resi [...]

  • 1.25€ 1.15€

Paper Raw Double

Papers from the brand - RAW. What should be highlighted about these rolling papers 1/14 is that they have not gone through a bleaching process. This makes the paper brownish and very fine, in addition to being a 100% toxic-free product. These paper [...]

  • 0.95€ 0.79€

RAW 300 1.1/4 - Smoking Paper

This Raw 300 1.1/4 pack contains 300 sheets of ultra thin cigarette paper made of rice and linen, 100% natural and chlorine free. The manufacturing process uses no chemicals, producing papers that are lead and arsenic free. The Raw 300 1.1/4 Sli [...]

  • 2.85€ 2.75€

RAW Organic King Size Slim rolling paper

NEW! 100% Organic and chlorine-free paper. 32-sheet booklet. The RAW Organic King Size is an ultrafine and unbleached rolling paper which contains no additives, perfect for smoking your favorite weed. [...]

  • 0.85€ 0.79€
UP TO 12%

RAW Organic Rolls

NEW! 100% Organic and chlorine-free rolling paper. RAW Natural Rolls is an ultrafine and unbleached rolling paper which contains no additives. [...]

  • 3 m1.20€ 1.10€
  • 5 m1.80€ 1.55€

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