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Adjust A Wings Defender - Medium, White

The Adjust a Wings Defender - White, medium size - is a professional reflector for indoor marijuana growing . Definitely, one of the most important aspects of our growing system is the reflector, since it does not matter the light output we have if [...]

  • With Plug&Play cable105.00€

Indoor Matrix (Northstar) reflector

Indoor Matrix (Northstar) reflector for indoor marijuana growing with square design. This reflector is made of ultrastrong, lightweight European aluminum with stucco finish, and with a reflection index of 97%, which will ensure a proper distrib [...]

  • 110.00€

Adjust-A-Wings Defender - Small, white

This Adjust-a-Wings Defender small white reflector for 250w bulbs is one of the best reflectors for cannabis growing that can be found on the market. In this case, it is the white version of the renowned Adjust a Wings reflector, which combines a to [...]

  • With Plug&Play cable65.00€

Aluminium Stucco Reflector 48

Basic reflector with rough stucco finish to increase the reflection of the light, making it as homogeneous as possible. This reflector measures 190 x 430 x 470mm, is very flexible and sturdy and it has an open end design for better ventilation of th [...]

  • 10.00€

Lumii reflector replacement lampholder

Alchimia offers you here the replacement lampholder for the Lumii reflector . It includes a 4 meter power cable and a trapezoidal plug for those ballast with this kind of connection. It also includes two hooks to hang the reflector to the grow tent [...]

  • 9.90€

Alchimia Stuco reflector

The Alchimia Stuko grow light reflectors are perfect to start growing your own indoor cannabis at home. They feature good quality, nice textured finish and proper light reflection for your plants. Already available in Alchimiaweb. It is made of a sl [...]

  • (Product sold out)18.00€

Reflector with lamp holder - smooth - 50 cm - 400/600 w

Get improved performance without increasing power consumption in your indoor growing space. This reflector with lamp holder - smooth - 400/600 w avoids concentration of hot spots and improves light diffusion. This shade stands out as the most used an [...]

  • With Plug&Play cable15.00€

Basic Reflector Pro

This simple yet high quality reflector features a practical ventilation grille to prevent heat build-up above the bulb. The bulb holder is suitable for all types of bulbs used in cannabis cultivation (250, 400, 600 HPS & MH) and is unique in tha [...]

  • (Product sold out)39.00€

Super Spreader White for Adjust Defender

The Super Spreader white for adjust defender is the best light diffuser on the market. It will be ideal to make an appropriate diffusion of the rays emitted by the bulbs used in indoor marijuana growing. With this diffuser we can reduce the distance [...]

  • Medium18.00€
  • Large22.00€

Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer 400-600 w

Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer 400/600 w is a shade with adjustable wings for 600 w or 400 w lamps, with an advanced scientific design, unbeatable performance and versatility. Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer 400/600 w reflector with double parabola, high refle [...]

  • With Plug&Play cable70.00€

Adjust-A-Wings Avenger - 400-600 w

Adjust-A-Wings Avenger 400/600 w includes Super Spreader, which is mounted on the lamp holder and its function is to distribute the light better toward the side plants while lowering the growing space temperature from 4° C to 5 °C, and thus a [...]

  • With Plug&Play cable110.00€

Adjust-A-Wings Avenger - 800/1200W

Adjust-A-Wings Avenger 800/1200 w is a shade with adjustable wings for 600w and 400w lamps (1 or 2 lamps), with an advanced scientific design, unbeatable performance and versatility. Adjust-A-Wings Avenger 800/1200 w reflector with double parabola, h [...]

  • 1 Lampholder + 1 S.S. + Cable Plug&Play145.00€
  • 2 lampholders + 2 super spreaders + Plug&Play wire185.00€

Adjust-A-Wings lampholder

Glazed ceramic lampholder for Adjust-A-Wings reflectors. Porcelain receptacle, bronze interiors and brass contacts, with anti-vibration safes. [...]

  • 45.00€

SUPER SPREADER - Light/heat diffuser

The Super Spreader is the best light and heat diffusor on the market. By using one in our reflector, you can achieve an unbeatably homogenous light distrubution in your indoor grow.  The Adjust a Wings aluminium Super Spreader efficie [...]

  • Medium20.00€
  • Large24.00€

STANDARD lampholder

Heat-resistant plastic, 250V lampholder. Self-extinguishing thermoplastic material. Temperature T210 °C. Screwless terminals. Anti-rotation protection. According to UNE-EN 60238. [...]

  • 5.00€

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