Cannaboom Revienta Cogollos (Bud Buster)

Cannaboom Revienta Cogollos (Bud Buster)
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Alchimia Grow Shop presents Cannaboom Revienta Cogollos (Bud Buster), a flowering enhancer that increases the flowers' volume in cultivation on the terrace or in an indoor grow tent.

Cannaboom Revienta Cogollos, PK supplement with algae, amino acids and enzymes

This product is a PK supplement incorporating some N and amino acids. It is an organo-mineral formula intended to increase flowers weight and volume in our cultivation, resulting in an increased yield.

This product is a fattening supplement within cannabis fertilisers, i.e. it does not increase flowers number but makes them bigger, heavier and more compact. It should be applied between the third and fifth week of flowering (on varieties with about 8 weeks of flowering).

At this development stage, the flowers have already formed. Thus, the product encourages them to develop many more calyxes and complete their maturation much more densely.

Cannaboom Revienta Cogollos, fattens the flowers and makes them dense and heavy

It can be used on all substrates and growing systems. It offers good results in soil, coco, hydroponics (ebb and flow, floating root, drip, wick, NFT), aeroponics or flood irrigation.

Its formula contains 18.56% phosphorus, 19.60% potassium, 1.25% nitrogen and 3.09% amino acids. It also incorporates two types of algae and several different enzymes responsible for stimulating the plants to properly assimilate the nutrients.

In terms of the dosage required, 2ml/l of water is sufficient for cultivation on soil, and 1ml/l of water for cultivation on coco, hydroponics and aeroponics. It offers a density of 1.44g/cc and a pH of 6.91.

Cannaboom Revienta Cogollos (Bud Buster) info:

  • PK supplement, with N, amino acids, algae and enzymes
  • Increases bud final density, thus increasing yield
  • Suitable for soil, coco, hydroponics and aeroponics
  • Free amino acids (3.09% w/w, 4.46% w/v)
  • Total nitrogen (1.25% w/w, 1.81% w/v)
  • Organic nitrogen (0.91% w/w, 1.31% w/v)
  • P2O5 (water soluble) (18.56% w/w, 26.79% w/v)
  • K2O (water soluble) (19.60% w/w, 28.33% w/v)
  • Density: 1.44 g/ cc
  • PH 6.91
  • Soil dosage: 2ml/l
  • Hydroponics and coco dosage: 1ml/l

Properties of Cannaboom Revienta Cogollos (Bud Buster)

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