Rocalba Organic Aguadulce Broad Bean

Rocalba Organic Aguadulce Broad Bean
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    shipping (*) presents Rocalba Aguadulce Broad Bean Seeds, a leguminous plant suitable for pot cultivation (minimum 5L), table cultivation and vegetable gardens.

Organic Aguadulce broad bean seeds, highly resistant to frost

Broad beans (Vicia faba) are ideal as a winter plant as they are very resistant to frost and cold. It is a plant not very demanding with nutrients thanks to its capacity to fix atmospheric N. This plant is excellent for reconditioning the soil after demanding crops such as tomatoes, peppers or aubergines (no humus or compost is necessary if the soil is favourable).

The most ideal time to germinate seeds is autumn, although it can be done until the end of winter, especially when living in a region with a lot of snow and very low temperatures, perhaps obtaining plants which are somewhat smaller but which will offer fruit until summer.

It is advisable to soak the seeds 2-3 hours before sowing, in order to boost the activation. They are sown in groups of 2-4 seeds to about 5cm deep, leaving a distance of about 30-40cm between each group, and covering them with uncompacted soil and then watering abundantly. The seeds are sown in rows at a distance of 50-60cm between them.

Rocalba organic Aguadulce broad bean, productive and undemanding

It is necessary to keep the substrate moist during the whole cultivation but not waterlogged. It is interesting to install a drip or automatic irrigation system. And certainly taking advantage of the autumn rains when living in a rainy area.

After about 10-20 days the first sprouts emerge. When the plant reaches about 25cm, or at the beginning of spring, the soil can be aerated and padded in order to facilitate root development. It is advisable to use stakes or a mesh to support the plants (they can reach up to 110cm), thus focusing all the plant's energy on the fruit production.

From mid-spring and for about 5-7 months it produces continuously and staggered 25-30cm long pods. In this way we can harvest as they are mature, and enjoy the beans for a long period.

Rocalba Organic Aguadulce Broad Bean Seeds info:

  • 30g seeds sachet
  • Robust and easy to cultivate - Withstands frost and low temperature well
  • Requires abundant water and few nutrients
  • Fixes environmental N - Revitalizes the substrate
  • Germination: Between autumn and winter
  • Can be sown directly into open ground
  • Soak the seeds 2-3 hours before sowing
  • Requires 15-25ºC to develop
  • Suitable for both garden and pot (5L minimum)
  • Require mesh or stakes to branch out
  • Size: 80-110cm
  • Sow in rows at a 50-60cm distance - 30-40cm distance between plants
  • Ready to harvest in mid-spring - Production for 5-7 months

Properties of Rocalba Organic Aguadulce Broad Bean

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