Rocalba Organic Onion Valencia Tardia Recas

Rocalba Organic Onion Valencia Tardia Recas
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    shipping (*) presents Rocalba Organic Onion Valencia Tardia "Recas" seeds, a "Long-day" variety (it matures when the day is long and the weather is fine) with a late cycle, producing round and dense bulbs ideal for the vegetable garden, planters and pots.

Organic Onion Valencia Tardia "Recas", white colour and coppery skin

They belong to the liliaceous family (Allium Cepa). These onions are intense white in colour with several copper coloured skin layers. They develop a thick neck and abundant foliage.

They should be germinated between December and February, transferring the seedling to the final pot or to the ground between January and March when the sprouts are more or less a pencil thick. They are placed in a 40cm x 10cm frame.

For best results we place 2-3 seeds in a seedbed or small pot using medium textured soil, rich in worm humus and compost. The substrate is watered lightly to moisten. It is advisable a temperature between 15ºC and 30ºC to ensure that seeds germinate after 15 days.

Onion Valencia Tardia "Recas" seeds, produces large and hard onions

In order to obtain the largest and best quality bulbs possible, the roots and stems should be cut to a third of their size before planting the plant.

Once the onions start to develop, it is vital to be very careful with watering. One must be careful not to over water in order to avoid fungi, also minimise the sudden fluctuations in watering as this could crack the bulbs. It is especially useful to use an automatic irrigation system.

The onions are fattened throughout the spring and summer, being ready for harvest around July, August or September, depending on when we have sown them.

Rocalba organic Onion Valencia Tardia "Recas" seeds info:

  • 2g seeds sachet
  • Large white bulbs with coppery skin
  • Sowing: Between December and February
  • Suitable for garden and pot
  • Harvest ready between July and August, 5 months after sowing

Properties of Rocalba Organic Onion Valencia Tardia Recas

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