HESI 5L Coco Kit

Now available in Alchimiaweb, this kit of 5L HESI fertilizers, for using with coco fiber as substrate, includes the full range of HESI products and will help you to have vigorous, productive and healthy plants. HESI 5L Hydro Kit features: 1x 5L [...]

  • 294.84€ 221.13€

HESI StarterBox - COCO

HESI StarterBox - COCO contains all the necessary nutrients and boosters you'll need for a complete crop in coco, together in one convenient pack. HESI are reknowned for high quality ingredients and consistently great results. Years of experience an [...]

  • 65.90€ 56.00€

T.A. Pro Roots (Ghe Bio Roots®) - Root Stimulator

Pro Roots 30 ml from BIO BOOSTERS Terra Aquatica is a root stimulator. It promotes the develPro Rootsopment of micro-organisms in the root mass as well as the growth of roots and rootlets. Pro Roots 30 ml allows a healthy and vigorous root developme [...]

  • 30 ml15.50€ 12.40€


ATA NRG Root-C from ATAMI is a very powerful organic root stimulator that favours a spectaculrar development of the plant's rootball. ATA NRG Root-C also has a preventive action on Pythium and Fusarium. Root-C is suitable as a first step to imple [...]

  • 250 ml16.42€ 12.30€

Guano Diffusion Alguamycor

Alguamycor is a 100% organic root stimulator manufactured by Guano Diffusion and formulated from brown algae and endomycorrhizal fungi to promote a healthy and well-developed root system. Composed of brown algae, rich in polysaccharides and amino ac [...]

  • 500 gr13.90€ 11.80€

Atami ATA Rootfast

Alchimia presents Atami ATA Rootfast, a root booster part of the ATA family by Atami. A product with fertilisers specially designed for all types of growers, and perfect for soil, coco or hydro. Atami ATA Rootfast, an explosive root growth ATA Root [...]

  • 500 ml18.15€ 13.60€
  • 1 L26.44€ 19.80€

Tarantula Liquid

Alchimia presents Tarantula Liquid, a powerful combination of beneficial bacteria that enhances root growth and activity. This leads to healthier plants, a more vigorous growth and exuberant flowering. In order to establish a proper symbiosis in the [...]

  • 500ml45.74€ 34.30€
  • 1L83.49€ 62.60€

Roots +

Roots + from Bio-Technology is an organic nutrient designed for use during the growth period to obtain healthy and vigorous cannabis plants. On sale now in the Alchimiaweb online grow shop. With Roots +, Bio-Technology have created a highly concentr [...]

  • 50ml (Out of stock)15.00€
  • 250ml (Out of stock)35.00€
  • 1L89.00€

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