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Properties of Neem oil

The products derived from the neem tree, especially the oil obtained from the seeds, acts as an effective insecticide and fungicide agent for numerous crops, and also, of course, for cannabis plants. In this article, we tell you everything about neem oil, from how to get it to how to use it, as well as its composition and the main pests against which can be effective.

Stevia Rebaudiana

Steva Rebaudiana Bertoni has, for over a thousand years, been known to the indigenous tribes of Paraguay for its sweetening properties, but there has been a need to find healthier alternatives to sugar and its huge calorie count that has led to it being rediscovered by Europe. This has meant that people have wanted to know more about this plant, also revealing its important medicinal properties that help towards a better lifestyle, which is especially promising for people with diabetes.

Red Spider Mites

Spider mites are one of the worst pests that can attack marijuana plants. It can completely destroy cannabis crops, specially indoors. In this post we explain the environmental conditions that favour the plague of red spider mites. We also explain how to eradicate it from our crops in case that our plants have already been attacked, using either biological or chemical methods.

Growing marijuana in the ground

In-ground marijuana crops give us the opportunity to offer our marijuana plants full freedom for their development. In this post we show you all the necessary steps to optimise the performance and health of plants grown outdoors in the ground.

Growing autoflowering cannabis

In this post we will focus on how to grow autoflowering cannabis plants, step by step, in order to achieve good results. Ideal for those growers who use artificial lamps in their growing tents, or for those who make 3-4 outdoor crops during the year.

Growing marijuana on terraces

This post shows you, step by step, how to grow marijuana on your terrace or balcony. This way, you can get the best marijuana in the world...yours! We would also like to remind you that organic crops are more environmentally friendly and Mother Nature will reward you with her magical sunbeams!