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Gorilla Cookies Auto SeedStockers - Seed Stockers

Alchimia is glad to present Seedstockers Gorilla Cookies strain in automatic version, one of the most potent and productive Indica on the market. Gorilla Cookies Auto, easy to grow and with results surely guaranteed Gorilla Cookies Auto by Seedstoc [...]

  • 3 seeds13.98€ 9.75€
  • 5 seeds18.64€ 13.00€
  • 25 seeds82.02€ 57.40€
UP TO 20%

Big Bud Auto - Seed Stockers

Seedstockers presents here Big Bud Auto, the AutoFem version of the famous Big Bud cannabis strain, known for its large production of fleshy and aromatic flowers. It is now available in our AutoFem cannabis seeds catalogue at AlchimiaWeb! This Indic [...]

  • 3 seeds7.98€ 6.35€
  • 5 seeds10.64€ 8.50€
  • 25 seeds46.82€ 39.75€
UP TO 25%

Bruce Banner Auto Seedstockers - Seed Stockers

Seedstockers presents here Bruce Banner Auto, the auto-flowering version of the Bruce Banner feminized from Seed Stockers, an opportunity for all growers to experience this variety of spectacular results. Bruce Banner Auto is an automatic plant with [...]

  • 3 seeds13.98€ 11.15€
  • 5 seeds 18.64€ 14.90€
  • 25 seeds 82.02€ 61.50€
UP TO 30%

Moby Dick Auto - Seed Stockers

Alchimia presents Moby Dick Auto by Seedstockers, a productive and easy to grow AutoFem Sativa Indica strain, with a woody incense aromas and a cerebral high worthy of the best Sativas. Moby Dick Auto, AutoFem marijuana with Sativa character Moby D [...]

  • 3 seeds9.98€ 8.45€
  • 5 seeds13.31€ 9.30€
  • 25 seeds58.50€ 46.75€
UP TO 20%

AK 420 Auto - Seed Stockers

Alchimia presents here Seedstockers Auto AK 420, the AK 420 Auto version. This variety is a THC-rich AK47 selection with a powerful effect. This auto-flowering variety produces very easy to cultivate plants, offering abundant yield of large, dense a [...]

  • 3 seeds7.98€ 6.75€
  • 5 seeds10.64€ 8.50€
  • 25 seeds46.82€ 42.10€
UP TO 30%

Sour Diesel Auto - Seed Stockers

Alchimia is delighted to present Sour Diesel Auto by Seedstockers, a productive and easy to cultivate Autoflowering Sativa with a strong aroma and intense effect, a cross between Sour Diesel and a Super Skunk Auto line. Sour Diesel Auto, an Autoflow [...]

  • 3 seeds9.98€ 6.95€
  • 5 seeds13.31€ 9.30€
  • 25 seeds58.50€ 46.75€

Thin Mint Crack Autoflower - Seed Stockers

Seed Stockers seed bank presents here Thin Mint Crack Autoflower, a feminised automatic plant created from the cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Green Crack, two highly powerful and well-known American strains. Thin Mint Crack Autoflower ancestor [...]

  • 3 seeds (Product sold out)19.98€
  • 5 Seeds (Product sold out)26.64€
  • 25 seeds (Product sold out)117.22€
UP TO 30%

OG Kush Autoflower - Seed Stockers

Alchimia presents , the mythical OG Kush in autoflowering version, created by Seedstockers, a powerful and tasty variety, perfect for lovers of automatic plants. It is a fantastic variety for lovers of powerful and tasty plants and automatic floweri [...]

  • 3 seeds11.98€ 8.35€
  • 5 seeds 15.97€ 12.75€
  • 25 seeds70.28€ 49.15€

Sweet Auto Mix - Seed Stockers

Alchimia is glad to present Sweet Auto Mix by Seed Stockers, composed of four auto-flowering varieties with particularly sweet flavours. This mix features some of the sweetest and fruitiest flavours of the Seed Stockers auto-flowering genetics catalo [...]

  • 47.94€ 38.35€

Resin Auto Mix - Seed Stockers

Alchimia is happy to present Resin Auto Mix by Seed Stockers, a set of four auto-flowering strains that produce a large amount of resin. These plants are ideal for cannabinoid extraction enthusiasts, who with this selection can save time browsing thr [...]

  • 12 seeds49.53€ 37.10€

Pro Auto Mix - Seed Stockers

Alchimiaweb is delighted to present Pro Auto Mix by Seed Stockers, a selection of widely recognised and appreciated classic auto-flowering genetics. This selection facilitates growers the sometimes complicated and arduous work of looking for and find [...]

  • 12 seeds30.00€ 24.00€

CBD 1:1 Silver Lime Haze Autoflower - Seed Stockers

Here at Alchimia we are glad to present CBD 1:1 Silver Lime Haze Autoflower by Seed Stockers, an auto-flowering cannabis plant containing a THC:CBD 1:1 ratio which is ideal for therapeutic cannabis users. This variety is a cross between a Silver Haze [...]

  • 3 seeds (Product sold out)29.95€
  • 5 Seeds (Product sold out)39.95€
  • 25 seeds175.88€ 123.10€
UP TO 20%

BCN Critical XXL Autoflower - Seed Stockers

BCN Critical XXL Autoflower by Seedstocker is an automatic variety highly productive, easy to cultivate and with a high psychoactive effect. It is ideal for Critical plants lovers looking for fast and efficient cultivation. BCN Critical XXL Autoflow [...]

  • 5.98€ 5.05€
  • 5 Seeds7.97€ 6.75€
  • 25 seeds35.08€ 28.05€

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