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AK47 - Serious Seeds

This easy-to-grow plant is the most renowned strain from Serious Seeds, and quickly became a legend thanks to the quality of the final product,as well as its bountiful harvests. With a medium size, good performance and fast flowering, the AK-47 has [...]

  • 11 seeds80.00€

White Russian - Reg - Serious Seeds

White Russian from Serious Seeds is the fruit of a fabulous combination of genetics. The plants t are fantastic, both in appearance and regarding the effect. Something which is not surprising if one takes into account that it comes from a crossing b [...]

  • 11 seeds70.00€

KaliBubba - Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds presents here KaliBubba in a regular version, a genetic that initially was not included in the breeder's official catalogue, although it has been shown in many cannabis exhibitions. Serious Seeds decided to incorporate KaliBubba to its [...]

  • 11 seeds70.00€

Bubble Gum - Serious Seeds

The marijuana strain Bubble Gum from Serious Seeds, as all the genetics of this seed bank, quickly became very famous within the community of marijuana growers , for its sweet fragrances with a bubble gum flavour and its stimulating high effect.It is [...]

  • 11 seeds70.00€

Chronic - Reg - Serious Seeds

Chronic ist the most commercial strain of Serious Seeds Bank, thanks to its great production and its spectacular quality. This medium sized and not very dense plant, is the perfect combination of good yields and excellent quality of the harvest. Ma [...]

  • 11 seeds (Product sold out)70.00€

Exile - Serious Seeds

Exile has the characteristics found in the genetics of Warlock, Northern Lights and White Widow. It does not react to shorter days as quickly as Warlock, but once the pistils are mature, it takes on the same colour. It has a strong sweet flavor, wi [...]

  • 11 seeds (Product sold out)70.00€

Kali Mist - Serious Seeds

The Kali Mist from Serious Seeds is, for many growers and users, the best available pure Sativa today. Kali Mist: the best Sativa of the world! It grows high and slender, producing dense buds with a high resin content and a delicious spicy/woody aro [...]

  • 11 seeds80.00€

Motavation - Serious Seeds

Awarded Best Indica at Expogrow Irun in 2013, Motavation is the end result of a long-term breeding project set in motion years back by Magus Genetics' head breeder Gerrit and now made available by Serious Seeds. For a short time during it's develop [...]

  • 11 seeds70.00€

Serious 6 Regular - Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds presents here the regular version of their Serious 6 cannabis strain, a Sativa dominant hybrid especially developed for outdoor cultivation, with early flowering and amazing resistance to adverse climate conditions. Now available in Alc [...]

  • 11 seeds50.00€

Warlock - Serious Seeds

WARLOCK from Serious Seeds is a mostly Indica variety, but has some characteristics that are more typical of a Sativa. It is a plant that forms branches with only a few medium-sized leaves and a huge amount of buds, so it is very easy to manicure. [...]

  • 11 seeds70.00€

Biddy Early - Serious Seeds

BIDDY EARLY from Serious Seeds is a sativa strain which grows into a shape similar to that of a typical Christmas tree. Thanks to its early flowering and maturation, it is very suitable for outdoor growing. When grown indoors, BIDDY EARLY also gives [...]

  • 11 seeds31.50€

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