Powder Feeding Hybrids

Powder Feeding Hybrids of Green House is a mineral fertilizer created by the renowned bank, with the mission facilitate our life the most, as it accumulates in a single product all the nutrition plan of our hybrid strains of marijuana. Thus, we'll fi [...]

  • 125gr8.95€ 6.25€
  • 500gr24.96€ 17.47€
  • 1kg39.95€ 27.95€
  • 2.5 Kg79.94€ 55.96€


Terralba's 100L Pack contains solid organic nutrients and is created to be mixed with 100L soil, enough for some marijuana plants or to improve the substrate of your orchard. This pack includes different organic soil improvers so your plants have al [...]

  • 79.90€ 63.90€

Biotabs Silicium Flash

Silicium Flash from BioTabs is a 100% organic fertiliser formulated for use with fast-growing plants and composed of rapid-absorption silicon. Rich in nutrients and trace elements, Silicium Flash also contains calcium and magnesium and can help to av [...]

  • 2500 ml29.00€ 23.20€

Biotabs PK Booster Compost Tea

PK Booster Compost Tea from Biotabs is a powerful and effective organic bloom stimulator for cannabis plants. Due to its high levels of Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K), it ensures spectacular bud development. Now available at AlchimiaWeb. Its compl [...]

  • 2Kg54.00€ 43.20€

Mealworm Guano

Alchimiaweb adds this exceptional product manufactured by Terralba to its catalogue: Ténébrion Meunier castings, also know as mealworm. This natural product is rich in nutrients and organic matter (76%). It contains 22% nitrogen, 35% phosphorous, [...]

  • 250g10.90€ 8.70€
  • 500g16.90€ 13.50€

Powder Feeding Grow

Powder Feeding Grow is a complete and balanced fertilizer designed for the growth phase of our plants, to make it as easy as possible its use. We just have to mix it with irrigation water in both coconut and on land and even in hydroponics marijuana [...]

  • 1kg39.95€ 33.95€
  • 2.5 Kg55.50€ 47.15€

Guerilla Box Biotabs

Alchimia presents here the Guerrilla Box from Biotabs , a 100% organic fertilizer kit for outdoor marijuana crops that allows you to grow 3-5 plants. It includes a solid fertilizer - Guerrilla Tabs - that slowly releases nutrients and benefitial bac [...]

  • 27.00€ 21.60€

SimbioSoil Plus

SimbioSoil Plus is a soil amendment rich in microbial life and bacteria, incorporated in a composted olive pulp base, perfect to revive the most depleted soils, and making it really easy to recycle and re-use the soil from our cannabis grow. Now avai [...]

  • 1 Kg9.50€ 8.55€

Guanodiff Classic's Powder

Guanodiff Classic's Powder is a bat guano fertiliser developed by Guano Diffusion and specially adapted to provide all the nutrients needed for the growth phase of our cannabis plants, now available online at Alchimia! 100% organic, this natural fer [...]

  • 500g7.90€ 6.70€
  • 1 Kg9.90€ 8.40€
  • 3 Kg25.00€ 21.25€

Pack Grow AACT Terralba

Alchimia presents Terralba complete growth kit, a way to enrich your Actively Aerated Compost Tea (AACT) to be used with your compost tea kit 11L. You can design your own range of growth organic fertilisers in a quick and easy way. Discover now the [...]

  • 49.00€ 39.20€

Biobizz Worm-Humus 40 L

What is Worm-Humus? Worm-Humus, also known as vermicast, is a highly beneficial product for growing cannabis. It is the result of the decomposition of the material excreted by earthworms, which are sublime inhabitants of the soil. This high-quality [...]

  • 17.95€

Aptus Break-Out Powder

Aptus Breack-Out Powder is now available in Alchimiaweb, a concentrated bloom enhancer rich in phosphorous and potassium. It also contains magnesium and calcium, ensuring that your buds will get fatter and your plants will show you their full potenti [...]

  • 100 gr7.26€ 5.40€

Hydrolyzed Fish Meal

Fish has been used as nutrient for plants for a long time. Native Americans had already observed that they could double the yield of a corn plant by burying a fish near its roots. Fish meal (powder) is now available in Alchimia's catalogue. This top [...]

  • 100g6.90€ 5.50€
  • 250g10.90€ 8.70€
  • 500gr19.50€ 15.60€

BioTabs Starter Pack

Biotabs Starter Kit allows you to grow from 5 to 10 cannabis plants, depending on the volume of the pots. This kit includes: 25 gr of Bactrex 50 gr of Mycotrex 10 Biotabs tablets 250 ml of Orgatrex liquid fertilizer 250 gr of Startrex Recom [...]

  • 54.00€ 45.90€

Supersoil Outdoor Mix - SWA

Super Soil Outdoor Mix by SWA Super Soil, a product developed and designed for outdoor cultivation and long vegetative periods. The plants are well nourished without excesses or deficiencies during cultivation. In outdoor cultivation, the cannabis p [...]

  • 10L47.50€

KELP Ascophyllum Nodosum

Kelp is a very efficient natural nutrient which has been used in farming for thousands of years. It is a large, brown algae. It comes from the cold Escandinavian coast and is collected, washed with water, dried and powdered. Terralba uses the Ascoph [...]

  • 500g14.90€ 11.90€

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