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Cannabis Consciente (Fundación Daya)

Now available in the of Alchimia Grow Shop the book "Conscious Cannabis for a Medicinal Use of Marijuana", written in Spanish by Karina Vergara, Biologist and Master of Science at the University of Barcelona, who has been interested in the properties [...]

  • 16.00€

Cannabis Science & Law (Spanish Edition)

Cannabis Science and Law is a book in Spanish and the work of two specialist lawyers in cannabis issues with great recognition within the Spanish legal field: Héctor Brotons Albert and Francisco Azorín Ortega. It is a complete book whe [...]

  • 19.72€

Cannabic Lunar Calendar

For hundreds of years, farmers and ranchers worldwide have used the moon phases to optimize their cropsThis 2022 lunar calendar will inform you in detail about the everyday influence of the moon on your plants, and will allow you to choose the ideal [...]

  • Spanish edition 20227.00€

Cannabis Positivo. Aceite medicinal.

Alchimia presents the Wernard Bruining's book - courtesy of Positronics Seeds - which tells the story of medical cannabis arriving to cannabis oil, a marijuana extraction that brings lots of hope thanks to its wide range of therapeutic properties. W [...]

  • Spanish (Product sold out)12.00€

Cannabis. Filosofía para todos.

Everyone is talkin about cannabis more and more openly, firstly focusing on certain population sectors (youth, medical users...) but arriving then to the point where there are so many groups and types of people who use marijuana that it's time to med [...]

  • Spanish20.00€

Kit una novela antiprohibicionista

Now available in the bookshop of Alchimia the book in Spanish "Kit, una novela antiprohibicionista" (Kit, an anti-prohibition novel) written by Carlos Fresnedas. Kit is an anti-prohibitionist novel in which cannabis and its legalisation are the prot [...]

  • 11.00€

Cultivar Marihuana by The Hortelano Cañamero

"Cultivar marihuana" by Marco Antonio René Prat (Tricoma Ediciones) is a guidebook to successfully grow cannabis. It is a very complete guide with 116 pages divided into several categories, according to the substrate or growing system used. It sta [...]

  • Spanish edition (Product sold out)14.00€

Manual de Cultivo de la Marihuana (Elisabet Riera)

RBA books - Revista Integral - published this growing guide written by its chief editor Elisabet Riera Milán. THis book is not intended for experts, but for novice growers who want to have a solid knowledge base to grow their own cannabis at home. [...]

  • Spanish edition (Product sold out)12.00€

Cannabis as a Medicine

It's no news , that the sativa cannabis has many therapeutic indications, but what it is, is that this fact is taken into account how is it happening at present . Everyone wants to know more about the healing potential of marijuana to the point that [...]

  • 28.00€

Horticultural lunar calendar

For hundreds of years, farmers and ranchers worldwide have used the moon phases to optimize their crops This 2015 lunar calendar will inform you in detail about the everyday influence of the moon on your plants, and will allow you to choose the idea [...]

  • Spanish edition 20228.00€

Marihuana fundamentos de cultivo (in Spanish)

This is a fantastic and easy guide for growing marijuana put together by the known grower Jorge Cervantes. It explains the best methods of cultivation resolving all concerns that may arise among growers in the self-cultivation of marijuana. This boo [...]

  • (Product sold out)29.95€

Marihuana: Horticultura Cannabis - Biblia Medico - J.Cervantes

Translation: Marijuana: Cannabis Horticulture - Bible Doctor (Spanish version only). This book, which is in its fifth edition and has been a best selling book since 1983, has been renewed and updated to adjust to the present times.Completely rewritt [...]

  • 29.95€


Pharmacotheon is a book that compiles 20 years of research scattered by scientific articles and very different books in just one volume, suitable for both expert technical readers and for those people who know the world and want more, out of curiosit [...]

  • 39.50€

Manual práctico para enteraos - CD included

Translation: Practical Handbook for the Smart Ass (Spanish version only). Do you think that you already master indoor growing? Do you think you know all existing, and those to come, tricks and techniques? Check it with this useful book, which colle [...]

  • 19.00€

Cultivar en lana de roca - Gregory Irving (Spanish version)

Translation: Hydroponics on on Rockwool. From the collection The Indoor Garden by Gregory Irving, this practical guide has been pubished. It is very easy to follow and understand, and illustrated with great photos in colour. This book will help you [...]

  • Book in Spanish Version15.00€

Manual Práctico de Cultivo para Sibaritas

Translation: Practical Growing Manual for Sybarites (Spanish version only). This book is a manual for those who want not only to grow marijuana outdoors, but also to do so in the best way possible, looking for the highest quality.In this book we fin [...]

  • 15.00€

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