¿Sabes lo que te metes?

"¿Sabes lo que te metes?: Pureza y adulteración de las drogas en España" ("Do you what you're getting into?: Purity and adulterated drugs in Spain") Autor: Eduardo Hidalgo Downing Book in Spanish Soft cover Year 2008 221 pages [...]

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Weedology. Indoor Growing (Adams)

Spanish version only. Philip Adams is an expert in the art of cultivating marijuana indoors in a grow tent, with more than 12 years' of experience in the field.This comprehensive book will guide you through the required steps to set it all up and st [...]

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Marihuana en Exterior - Cultivo de Guerrilla (Jorge Cervantes)

Translation: Marijuana Outdoors - Guerrilla Growing The first book about cultivation of marijuana written by Jorge Cervantes, writer and grower known for encouraging marijuana cultivation, in all types of substrate, from a young age. This book mainl [...]

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I Love It (Spanish Version)

I love it is a book that gathers the knowledge of the author, Michael D. Meredith, of the process of cultivating marijuana for personal use and for his family.Using the scientific method of trial and error, he compiled the employed techniques and the [...]

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Simplemente en Tierra (Gregory Irving)

Translation: Simply in Soil (Spanish version only) In this book, Gregory Irving reveals the tricks and secrets he has discovered on the basis of trial and error on his own indoor crops. Therefore this is a comprehensive step-by-step guide that will [...]

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Manual Médico de la Marihuana (Guía para su uso terapéutico) -

Translation: Marijuana Medical Manual (Guide for a therapeutic use).This book, written by Ed Rosenthal, is the result of a visit to the geriatric where his mother was, according to him. After seeing how many patients with cancer, HIV, joint pains, de [...]

  • Book in Spanish (Product sold out)15.00€

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