Sublimator XLR 2.0 Nail

Now in our online Headshop at Alchimiaweb, here comes the Sublimator XLR 2.0, the most efficient vaporiser on the market, characterised by its gasification system which creates extremely high quality micro particles of vapour.

The heating element or nail is made of high-quality Titanium and the body is made of durable black anodised aluminum, meaning it will remain in perfect condition for a long time and will not affect the taste or the flavour of the vapour.

This formidable device pushes the vaporisation concept to a higher level, introducing the principle of gasification. Beyond vaporisation.

The Sublimator's three-part combined flow, radiation and induction system, compared to conventional vaporisers' single step operation, means that the resin particles convert into a thick cloud of fine vapour via a biomolecular gasification process.

This action, combined with the vacuum produced in the tube by inhalation in the tube, creates very dense clouds of vapour, capturing perfectly the whole range of aromas, flavours and terpenes of our cannabis, resin or essential oils.

The micro-particles of vapour produced by the Sublimator are so fine that the lungs can absorb them more directly, increasing the quantity and rate of assimilation of cannabinoids, and offering a fast-acting and intense effect.

The heater or nail consists of Titanium and is intended principally for the consumption of “dabs” of cannabis resins or concentrates such as BHO or Rosin.

The element also comes with a "Carb Cap” which permits vaporisation at even lower temperatures. It's also possible to vaporise a small amount of dry herb at the same time by placing it in the connector under the nail.

It's a really easy device to use, just plug it in and turn on the heater using the control knob (green light for herbs, red light for resin) and wait 10 minutes for it to warm-up and for the temperature to stabilise.

During this time we can prepare a dab of the concentrate to be vaporised, and then, once the nail is hot all that's needed is to apply the extract to the nail and inhale as quickly and powerfully as we wish, without it affecting the temperature or the efficiency of the vaporisation, unlike some conventional vaporisers.

Sublimator Nail XLR 2.0 info:

  • Vaporiser converting cannabinoids into fine vapour molecules
  • Generates a vapour more easily assimilated by the organism
  • Maximum efficiency and terpene preservation
  • Allows vaporisation of both dry herb and resins, separately and together
  • Temperature adjustable for herb or resin
  • 30.5cm tube
  • 10 minutes heat-up time
  • Automatic standby after one hour of use
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