Super Kukulus 100ml
Super Kukulus 100ml
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Super Kukulus 100ml

Improve your yields and the quality of your cannabis harvests with Super Kukulus, already available in Alchimia Grow Shop.

It is an organic and concentrated phytostrengthener, completely biodegradable and safe to use, which enhances the development and vitality of plants without harming the environment.

Made from plant extracts, it nourishes and reinforces our plants, improving nutrient uptake hile stimulating root and bud development, thus improving plants yields.

It can be used to treat plants and also as preventive, since it reinforces the immune system of plants while defending them from molds and insects like red spider mites.

Use once a week via foliar with 50ml/l dose (as preventive), making sure all parts of the plant are treated.

If our plants are sick or attacked by some pest, use it via foliar (100ml/l) and in the nutrient solution (50ml/l), 2-3 times a week.

It can be used until 2 days before harvesting the buds, since it leaves no traces and does not alter the taste.

Super Kukulus 100ml features:

  • Phytostrengthener made from plant extracts, 100% organic
  • Promotes vigorous growth of plants and roots, improves bud production and nutrient uptake
  • Reinforces the immune system of plants and repels molds and insects
  • Preventive: 50ml/l via foliar, once a week, until 2 days before harvest
  • Treatment: 100ml/l via foliar + 50ml/l in Nutrient Solution, 2-3 times a week
  • Composition: Biodegradable natural solvents, Nitrogen 2,06%, Phosporous 1,08%, Potassium 5,95%, plant extracts 10%. pH=6,0
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