Tec-Fort 750 ml
Tec-Fort 750 ml
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Tec-Fort 750 ml

Tec-Fort 750 ml (Expelex reformulationis a ready-to-use broad spectrum vegetable-based insecticide with particularly useful results for cannabis growers, since it safely eliminates a wide range of insect pests that damage crops, including White Fly, Thrips, Aphids, Scale-bugs, ants and beetles, without leaving any toxic residue.

Tec-Fort is active ingredient is natural pyrethrin, derived from the dried flowers of the Chrysanthemum plant (Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium) using CO2 extraction technology, ensuring a clean, residue-free, non-toxic product. Tec-Fort's formula also contains natural potassium soap both as an insecticide and to improve leaf coverage by reducing surface tension.

How to use:

Tec-Fort is sold ready-mixed and does not need to be diluted. Spray directly onto both sides of the leaves in low-light conditions, Tec-Fort works by contact, so ensure full coverage of the plant. Re-apply every 7-10 days as needed.

Pyrethrin is included in the list of EC Regulation 1488/97, Annex II, Part B, so its use is permitted in organic farming, also having a wide range of uses in integrated farming.

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Properties of Tec-Fort 750 ml

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