Terra Power Complete Kit

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Terra Power Complete Kit is a set designed by Alchimiaweb with all Terra Power products, offering a discount of around 25%. This product range creates the ideal synergy for all the stages and situations that can occur in a cultivation. Alchimia also offers other kits such as the Terra Power Pro Kit and Terra Power Basic Kit if you are looking for a less professional cultivation.

Terra Power Complete Kit, total synergy during cultivation

This products set contains the two basic Terra Power fertilisers, Gorgona Power Growth A+B and Gorgona Power Bloom A+B, which are ideal for all types of substrates and cultivation methods.

La Sirena is a root stimulator that is added to the base fertiliser during the vegetative stage. It is formulated with microalgae extracts and humic substances. La Calavera and Mystical Green are two nutrients that enrich the substrate by stimulating microbial life with natural bioactive substances.

During the flowering stage, good root development is equally or even more important than during the growth stage. Terra Power offers three fertilisers that enhance this plant stage. Fire Yields is a root booster that increases resistance to unfavourable environmental factors and aids nutrient uptake. Goddess Lada provides a large amount of microbial life that colonises the roots and helps nutrient absorption. Poseidon by Terra Power increases the production of resins and terpenes in cannabis by increasing the efficiency of photosynthesis and, therefore, improving the quantity and quality of flowers. And Atlas, which breaks down dead roots and increases substrate aeration to encourage new root development.

This set of products also incorporates Triton, a photosynthesis enhancer. Saturn, formulated with phosphorus and potassium to help in the development of large, heavy, resinous and more potent buds. Also Bacchus, with the same function but with humic and fulvic acids, salicylic acid and carbohydrates. Phoenix is a biostimulator that increases the volume of plant biomass by developing larger cell walls. At the end of the cultivation Narcissus, a cleaner and purifier in liquid form that removes unwanted elements from the plants.

Terra Power Complete Kit products:

  • Gorgona Power Growth A+B - 1L
  • Gorgona Power Bloom A+B -1 L
  • La Sirena - 1 L
  • La Calavera - 1 L
  • Mystical Green - 1 L
  • Triton - 250 ml
  • Saturn - 1 L
  • Atlas - 1 L
  • Bacchus - 1 L
  • Fire Yields - 1 L
  • Goddess Lada - 500 ml
  • Narcissus - 250 ml
  • Phoenix - 1 L
  • Artio's Touch - 1 L
  • Enigma - 1 L
  • Fortuna - 250 ml
  • Poseidon - 1 L

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