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Purple Apollo 13 aka The Void

Purple Apollo 13 - aka The Void - from TGA Subcool seedbank is a cannabis plant created from the cross of two powerful genetics: Apollo 13 and Querkle.

The combination of these two marijuana strains produces a new strain capable of combining the best features of its predecessors; the euphoric effect from Apollo mixed with the pleasant taste of fresh grapes, which is areally surprising flavour.

Its growth is vigorous - a trait inherited from its Apollo ancestor - branched with long thin leafs that highlight its mainly sativa character, although it has more features from indica plants than its predecessor.

Subcool advises to grow this plant as a hedge / bush or molding it without pruning - SCROG setups - given its vegetative vigor.

During the flowering period, it develops big compact buds everywhere, giving it a shiny appearance by the large amount of resin that it produces in just 8 weeks of flowering.

Concentrations of THC and other cannabinoids are high, producing an euphoric and speedy high - typical from sativas - suitable for everyday use or for heavy tasks such as cleaning home on Saturday morning.

Its organoleptic characteristics stand out for having grape flavor with sour and spicy hints, that lingers long on the palate leaving a very pleasant mouthfeel.

Purple Apollo 13 - Aka The Void - from TGA Subcool features

  • Genetics: Apollo 13 x Querkle
  • Sativa 60% - Indica 40%
  • Yield: Medium-High
  • Indoor flowering: 60 days
  • THC: High
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