MOB 710 Special Pack - T.H.Seeds

TH Seeds presents here MOB aka Mother of Berries, a legendary Indica genetics coming from the US that offers a unique growing experience. This strain is now available in our feminised cannabis seeds catalogue at Alchimiaweb. MOB aka Mother of Berrie [...]

  • 5 seeds (Product sold out)50.00€

Banana Candy Krush - T.H.Seeds

Alchimia is delighted to present Banana Candy Krush by TH Seeds, a hybrid with a slight Sativa influence. It has a flowering period of about 8-9 weeks, with a harvest of appetising buds with a unique terpenes concentration. A strain now available in [...]

  • 5+2 seeds and 1 French Macaron seed65.00€

BubbleBananaGum 710 Special Pack - T.H.Seeds

TH Seeds presents here BubbleBananaGum, a genetic that has it all, easy cultivation, resistance and solid and efficient structure. It offers harvests full of resin with sweetish flavour, with a relaxing and positive effect. It is now available in our [...]

  • 5+2 seeds and 1 French Macaron seed (Product sold out)60.00€

Wy-Kiki - T.H.Seeds

Alchimia is glad to present Wy-Kiki by TH Seeds, a 60% Sativa genetics of incomparable cultivation full of appetising flowers with exotic flavours. A strain now available in our feminised cannabis seeds catalogue. Wy-Kiki Strain, a balanced hybrid f [...]

  • 5+2 seeds 60.00€

Planet Lemon 710 Special Pack - T.H.Seeds

Alchimia is pleased to present Planet Lemon Limited 710 Special Pack by TH Seeds, a set that includes 7 Planet Lemon seeds (Birthday Cake S1) and a French Macaron seed. Planet Lemon offers a strong sweet vanilla cake flavour with a citric and sour un [...]

  • 7 seeds + 1 French Macaron (Product sold out)60.00€

Orangesicle - T.H.Seeds

Alchimia is pleased to present Orangesicle by TH Seeds, a very delicious variety with properties that leave no one indifferent. This strain is now available in our feminised seed catalogue. This variety offers you outstanding flavours and aromas, ce [...]

  • 5+1 seeds50.00€

Melon Vader - T.H.Seeds

Alchimiaweb.com is glad to present Melon Vader by TH Seeds and Massive Creations, a feminised Sativa Indica hybrid that unites two legendary strains of enormous quality and an extremely resinous classic strain. Melon Vader, a collaboration between T [...]

  • 5 seeds75.00€

Vanilla Sundae 710 Special Pack 7+1 - T.H.Seeds

T.H. Seeds present Vanilla Sundae, a new and exciting feminised hybrid of Birthday Cake x Banana Pudding F2 available here as a specially priced, limited edition, numbered 710 pack with a free seed of French Macaron. Now available online, get it in o [...]

  • 7+1 seeds60.00€

Shiloh Z - T.H.Seeds

Shiloh Z by TH Seeds is a highly popular cannabis plant in the US, where it is a delight for all consumers who have had the opportunity to taste it. TH Seeds together with Massive Creations presents here this improved version variety, preserving int [...]

  • 5 Seeds75.00€

Mk-Ultra - fem - T.H.Seeds

Mk-Ultra from T.H. Seeds is one of the most renowned cannabis varieties of this Seedbank. Its a cross between the G-3 marijuana with the best OG Kush genetics from L.A., resulting in a high quality indica, a powerful and devastating cannabis plant. [...]

  • 2 seeds19.00€
  • 5+1 seeds51.00€
  • 10 seeds93.00€

MelonSicle - T.H.Seeds

Alchimia is pleased to present MelonSicle by TH Seeds, a feminised marijuana created in collaboration with Shiloh from Massive Creations seedbank. This strain belongs to the Bastards Line range offering a super fruity aroma reminiscent of melon. Mel [...]

  • 5+3 seeds65.00€

Stracciatella - T.H.Seeds

TH Seeds presents here Stracciatella, one of its new products for 2019. This cannabis variety is a resin bomb with a vanilla and chocolate ice cream gourmet aroma. It is now available in our feminised cannabis seeds catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop. [...]

  • 2 seeds25.00€
  • 6+1 seeds50.00€

French Cookies - T.H.Seeds

TH Seeds proudly present French Cookies, their version of the world-famous cannabis strain Girl Scout Cookies, developed from a special seed found in a Californian bag of Platinum Cookies, and now available from AlchimiaWeb as feminised seeds. This [...]

  • 2 seeds25.00€
  • 5+1 seeds50.00€

Mind Control Box - T.H.Seeds

Alchimia presents the TH Seeds Mind Control Box, a collection of 3 MK Ultra variants: the classic version of MK Ultra, its Auto version and a hybrid of MK Ultra x Bubblegum rich in resin and terpenes. This box offers 5 seeds of each of these 3 strai [...]

  • 15 seeds99.00€

T.H.Seeds Gelato Cake - T.H.Seeds

T.H.Seeds presented with great success the new cross between Gelato 33 x Birthday Cake x Strawbanana Cream in a regular seed limited edition. Now this cannabis seed bank has conducted a selection work obtaining a feminised version of this marijuana h [...]

  • 5+1 seeds 50.00€

MK-Ultra x Bubblegum Fem - T.H.Seeds

T.H. Seeds brings us feminised seeds of MK-Ultra x Bubblegum, a tasty cannabis hybrid combining two of the seed bank's heavyweight classic strains in one powerful and productive package! Available online now in the Alchimiaweb.com seed catalogue. M [...]

  • 2 seeds20.00€
  • 5+1 seeds40.00€
  • 10 seeds70.00€

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