Black Apple Hitchcock - T.H.Seeds

Black Apple Hitchcock in a regular variety coming from the collaboration between TH Seeds and Massive Creations, a famous American breeder who has created renowned strains. This seed bank brings its experience for producing Limited Editions in collab [...]

  • 10 Seeds (Product sold out)250.00€

Zorro - T.H.Seeds

Zorro by TH seeds is one of the new Regular and Limited Edition varieties created in collaboration with the American breeder Massive Creations. It is a cross between Marmalade and Grape Ape, two well-known cannabic titans famous for their excellent f [...]

  • 10 Seeds (Product sold out)250.00€

French Cookies x Birthday Cake - T.H.Seeds

French Cookies x Birthday Cake is a regular cannabis variety from the Cookies and Og Kush family, a winning combination that creates a highly powerful hybrid with creamy Cookies flavour. It develops vigorously, responding well to all types of prunin [...]

  • 11 Seeds100.00€

MK-Ultra Cake - T.H.Seeds

AlchimiaWeb presents MK-Ultra Cake by TH Seeds, a regular cannabis variety with a very high resin production and a delicious sweet floral aroma. Now available in our cannabis seed catalogue. MK Ultra Cake Limited Edition by TH Seeds MK Ultra Cake i [...]

  • 11 semillas125.00€

Zendu Kush - T.H.Seeds

Alchimia is happy to present Zendu Kush, a collaboration between TH Seeds and Massive Creations featuring a regular OG variety as fruity as it is resinous. A Massive Creations and TH Seeds collaboration Zendu Kush is a hybrid between Skittlez x Hin [...]

  • 10 seeds250.00€

Darkstar regular - T.H.Seeds

Darkstar from TH Seeds is a mostly Indica regular cannabis strain hybrid between Purple Kush and Mazar-i-Sharif genetics . The resulting offspring is a potent, productive and flavourful variety, now available in Alchimiaweb. It grows branched and de [...]

  • 10 seeds (Product sold out)70.00€

Kushage - Regular Seeds - T.H.Seeds

Kushage from TH Seeds is a marijuana hybrid between SAGE and OG Kush, two cannabis legends that have earned their place in the American scene for their exceptional features. OG Kush stands out for its devastating effect and complex taste, while SAGE [...]

  • 10 seeds70.00€

MK-Ultra - Regular Seeds - T.H.Seeds

Mk-Ultra is a regular marijuana variety developed by TH Seeds, one of the most renowned of its catalog. It is a hybrid between a G-13 plant and the best OG Kush line of L.A. Thus, the resulting strain is of top quality, with a remarkable Indica devas [...]

  • 10 seeds (Product sold out)90.00€

Sage'n'Sour Regular - T.H.Seeds

Sage'n'Sour from T.H. Seeds is a cross between Sour Diesel and SAGE. They crossed the famous East Coast Sour Diesel clone (ECSD) with a Sativa male from a strain that has becomed the flagship strain of this seedbank, the S.A.G.E. This hybrid delight [...]

  • 10 seeds70.00€

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