USA Autoflower Mix
USA Autoflower Mix
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USA Autoflower Mix

Dutch Passion invites you to experience growing some great American flavours in autoflowering format with this mix of three auto varieties from the Dutch Passion catalogue, now available online at Alchimiaweb.

Fans of fruity Diesel varieties will enjoy the Auto Glueberry OG, an automatic strain that can be grown both with SOG and SCROG techniques and that will deliver heavy crops. Ready to harvest 11 weeks from germination, the buds boast an impressive layer of resin.

The AutoBrooklyn Sunrise is the result of a cross between a Diesel, the Brooklyn clone and a New York AK. The result is a classic Diesel-flavoured plant with a powerful euphoric effect. Also ready in 11 weeks after germination, its flowers develop an abundant layer of resin that offers a positive effect when smoked.

To round off this tour of US genetics, we have the Auto Colorado Cookies, a cross between the Girl Scout Cookies clone and Dutch Passion's Autoblueberry to bring the autoflowering trait. You'll only have to wait 11 weeks from germination to harvest the dense, resinous, sweet-mango-flavored, and great-looking buds.

The USA Autoflower Mix Kit includes:

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