V Elementum

V Elementum

V Elementum is a Spanish seed bank dedicated to the creation of new cannabis genetics with different characteristics, to offer a concise, select catalogue offering a wide range of flavours, aromas and effects.

The V Elementum team has worked for years with famous seed banks in the Netherlands and, after a long period of genetic work, is now very happy to introduce its own varieties.

The breeders at V Elementum have won various cannabis awards, including:

  • 1st prize at Spannabis in 2008 and 2015
  • 2nd and 3rd prize Copa del Garraf 2006
  • 2nd prize in 2009 and 3rd prize 2010 Alacannabis

After much experience working at different Dutch seedbanks, the team has collected high quality strains to carry out their crosses to meet the bank's strict criteria: flavour, aroma, potency and yield.

The most famous varieties from this bank are:

  • Candy Fruit: Fruity and sweet aroma with a strong relaxing potential.
  • Caesus: Flavour of cured cheese with Indica effect.
  • Star: Sativa with aromas of nutmeg and spices.
  • Papaya: Sativa with the tropical taste of Papaya.
  • K8: 50/50% Productive Sativa/Indica hybrid with Old School Flavours
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Auto Caesus

Auto Caesus - Automatic cannabis seeds

Auto Caesus from the V Elementum seed bank is a feminised autofloweringcannabis strain based on Caesus, crossed to an auto strain to give it the automatic flowering trait while retaining the appreciable characteristics of the original line. This aut [...]

  • 1 Seed 3.60€6.00€
  • 3 Seeds 10.85€15.50€
  • 5 Seeds 20.83€24.50€

Caesus - Feminized cannabis seeds

V Elementum present Caesus, a new variety created by crossing Original Cheese with Kush giving a productive, powerful and tasty cannabis strain. Available in our feminised seed collection here at Alchimiaweb! Plants will develop vigorously from the [...]

  • 1 Seed 5.95€7.00€
  • 3 Seeds 14.88€17.50€
  • 5 Seeds 23.38€27.50€
Candy Fruit Auto

Candy Fruit Auto - Automatic cannabis seeds

Candy Fruit Auto from V Elementum is a feminised autoflowering cannabis variety created from a cross between Candy Fruit and an automatic line, obtaining a tasty, fast and productive autoflowering plant. Its vigorous growth gives it a significant si [...]

  • 1 Seed 5.10€6.00€
  • 3 Seeds 13.18€15.50€ There is only 1 unit left
  • 5 Seeds 20.83€24.50€
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Star - Feminized cannabis seeds

V Elementum present Star, a Sativa-dominant cannabis variety created by a secret mix of genetics, including an Old School strain that the seedbank is currently keeping confidential. Now available online in our feminised seed catalogue here at Alchimi [...]

  • 1 Seed 5.95€7.00€
  • 3 Seeds 12.25€17.50€
  • 5 Seeds 16.50€27.50€
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Papaya - Feminized cannabis seeds

Papaya from V Elementum seeds is a predominantly Indica cannabis strain created by crossing Papaya with Kush, giving a productive, powerful and fragrant cannabis variety, with a pronounced papaya aroma. Papaya's growth is vigorous, making it easy to [...]

  • 1 Seed 4.90€7.00€
  • 3 Seeds 14.88€17.50€ There is only 1 unit left
  • 5 Seeds 23.38€27.50€
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K8 - Feminized cannabis seeds

K8 from the V Elementum Seed Bank is a 50/50 sativa - indica hybrid created from the cross between three Old School cannabis strains, maintaining the essence of the best pre-2000 crosses, including the classic Cheese, an Afghanstrain and a Kush. K8 [...]

  • 1 Seed 4.20€7.00€
  • 3 Seeds 8.75€17.50€
  • 5 Seeds 23.38€27.50€
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Candy Fruit

Candy Fruit - Feminized cannabis seeds

V Elementum present Candy Fruit, a cannabis variety created by a three-way cross between Alaskan x Kush x Brazil, resulting in productive Indica plants with fragrant buds and powerful effect. Available online now in our feminised seed store at Alchim [...]

  • 1 Seed 5.95€7.00€
  • 3 Seeds 8.75€17.50€
  • 5 Seeds 13.75€27.50€
Auto Mix

Auto Mix - Automatic cannabis seeds

V Elementum Auto Mix is a 10-seed pack consisting of an assortment of feminized automatic seeds that can be grown indoors and outdoors. All the seeds of the Auto Mix are predominantly relaxing Indica strains with good yields, able to produce between [...]

  • 10 seeds 28.00€35.00€ There is only 1 unit left