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Vegamatrix AMP-IT

Vegamatrix AMP-IT is a supplement containing 21 amino acids and other micronutrients, now available from Alchimia Grow Shop.

These amino acids are in their L form, the form most easily assimilated by cannabis plants. This allows them to accelerate their metabolism very easily, promoting their vegetative development, forming a large quantity of new flowers.

In this way AMP-IT increases yields in our cannabis plants, helping us to obtain a heavier harvest of high quaity buds, with healthier and stronger plants.

Apply in irrigation at a rate of 0.5-2ml per litre, and in foliar spray at a rate of 1-2ml per litre.

Vegamatrix AMP-IT info:

  • Supplement containing 21 types of amino acids
  • Improves the efficiency of cannabis metabolism
  • Stimulates tissue production, resulting in faster, larger and stronger plants
  • Helps to increase flower production
  • Improves plant health and vigour
  • NPK 2-0-02% soluble nitrogen
  • 0.03% boron
  • 0.16% soluble copper
  • 0.18% soluble iron
  • 0.28% soluble manganese
  • 2.10% soluble zinc
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Properties of Vegamatrix AMP-IT

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