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Vegamatrix Grow

Alchimia presents Vegamatrix Grow, a Vegan growth fertiliser developed by Kyle Kushman, the man who brought us the famous Strawberry Cough variety.

This growth fertiliser has been formulated using very powerful natural chelates, ensuring that our cannabis plants assimilate the largest amount of nutrients possible.

This allows plants to create a large biomass, developing vigorously and quickly, giving robust and exuberant growth.

Vegamatrix Grow's formula contains more than 95% natural ingredients with a low proportion of mineral elements, guaranteeing abundant, tasty and clean harvests.

Also, its balanced composition greatly limits the risk of burning through over-fertilisation, even at high doses, and is compatible with indoor cannabis cultivation as well as outdoor growing.

Designed for use with Vegamatrix Bloom and Vegamatrix Boost to provide the best results.

Apply in each watering at a rate of 1.3ml to 4 ml per litre.

Vegamatrix Grow info:

  • Vegan Fertilizer for Growth
  • NPK: 5-3-2
  • With very powerful plant chelates
  • Contains over 95% natural ingredients
  • Vigorous, fast and abundant growth of our plants
  • Promotes abundant cannabis harvest
  • 2% Nitrate of Nitrogen
  • 3% Soluble Nitrogen
  • 2% P2O5 phosphate available
  • Potash K2O Soluble at 3%
  • 0.0026% Soluble copper
  • 0.0048% Soluble manganese
  • 0.0037% Soluble zinc
  • Ingredients: Kelp extract, saltpetre, soybean meal, mineral phosphate, zinc sulphate, copper sulphate, manganese sulphate
  • Non-plant ingredients: 1% cassava extract, citric acid, 1% beet vinasse
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Properties of Vegamatrix Grow

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