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Vegamatrix Hard N Quick

Now available at, Vegamatrix Hard N Quick, an organic vegetative growth stimulator promoting the development of branches in our cannabis plants.

This product is a North American cold water Kelp extract, very rich in cytokinins.
Cytokinins are plant hormones that stimulate cell division and are fundamental in a multitude of biological processes in plants, such as photosynthesis or growth.

By applying Hard N Quick to our garden we promote root development and the creation of new shoots and branches, and at the same time encourage a shorter internode distance.

This allows our cannabis plants to grow faster, forming stronger branches, staying compact and providing a heavier harvest of buds.

Apply as foliar spray at a rate of 4ml-6.6 ml per litre, twice a week from the 3-4th week of flowering.

Vegamatrix Hard N Quick info:

  • Organic growth stimulator
  • 100% Kelp algae (cytokinins)
  • Stimulates the development of new shoots and branches
  • Reduces internode distance
  • Increases vigour
  • Promotes a more abundant harvest
  • 1% K2O soluble in potassium
  • Ingredients Potassium chloride, Ascopyllum nodosum, sargasso seaweed
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Properties of Vegamatrix Hard N Quick

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