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Vegamatrix Prime-Zyme

Here at, we're happy to offer Vegamatrix Prime-Zyme, an enzyme complex designed to improve the metabolism of our favourite cannabis strains.

This product is responsible for breaking down dead roots in the substrate, converting them into plant-friendly foods.

This stimulates microbial life in the soil, promotes root activity and the improves texture of the soil, increasing its aeration and water-holding capacity, preventing the formation of mould and harmful pests or pathogens.

Additionally it accelerates the metabolic reactions of cannabis, thus improving the plants' development.

Vegamatrix Pryme-Zyme keeps the substrate clean, healthy and alive, so that plants can feed more efficiently, resulting in a more abundant harvest of cannabis flowers.

Apply Vegamatrix Prime-Zyme in each irrigation, at a rate of 1.3ml - 4ml per litre.

Vegamatrix Prime-Zyme info:

  • Enzymatic complex
  • Breaks down dead roots and organic matter in the substrate
  • Stimulates the metabolism of plants
  • Improves the texture of the substrate
  • Prevents the formation of mould and pathogens
  • Promotes better plant nutrition
  • NPK: 0-2-1
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Properties of Vegamatrix Prime-Zyme

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