VitroClon Gel
VitroClon Gel
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VitroClon Gel

VitroClon from VitroVit is a 100% organic product in gel format, specially created and formulated for explosive rooting of cuttings.

Its origin, from natural plant extracts, along with trace elements, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, A, C and amino acids make of it, without doubt, one of the top products to make cuttings.

Moreover, its important to emphasise the great anti-microbial and anti-toxic power which it adds to its features, reduces much forfeitures due to pathogens or other unwanted agents, obtaining so positive results.

From now on, rooting cuttings with VitroClon gel will be a plain sailing.

Using mode of VitroClon Gel:

We recommend to fill a recipient with required quantity , and once cut the cuttings of the plants,we submerge a couple of centimeters of the stem in the gel for a right absorption and impregnation of the product. Thereupon, we plant it in the desired growing media.

It's advisable to maintain favourable temperature and humidity conditions in combination with the use of VitroClon 125ml for correct and spectacular rooting of the cuttings process.

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Properties of VitroClon Gel

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Opinions about VitroClon Gel and questions 2

09-05-2019-> Hico says:

How do you use it? Do you mix with a water and keep your clon in it? Or leave the the clon root in the jel for a while(how long?) Cheers.

10-05-2019 -> Alchimia Grow Shop says:

Hi Hico,

You just dip the cutting in the gel (the part that will be buried) and then plant it in your propagation medium.



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