250W Lumatek Dual Lighting Kit
250W Lumatek Dual Lighting Kit
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250W Lumatek Dual Lighting Kit

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Get in Alchimia this lighting kit with 250w Lumatek Dual bulb, designed for those marijuana growers who have a growing area of less than 1m2 and look for maximum comfort. Thanks to its dual spectrum, combining Orange and White hues, it can be used either in the growth phase or during flowering, without the need to change the bulb.

This kit includes a 250w electronic ballast , which will keep a constant current flow and will ensure a faster and safer boot of the light bulb, improving its effective life.

It has a power regulator wich allows us to choose the light intensity between 150W, 175W, 250W and 250WSL, so we can select the desired light intensity depending on the phases of development of our marijuana crop.

We will save energy during the growing phase, while squeezing the full potential of the bulb when flowering and achieving up to 10% more lumens in SuperLumen mode, achieving greater yields.

As we see, we are in front of a high quality lighting kit, perfect for those farmers who choose not to take risks and prefer to work with the best materials in their growing space, maximizing light output.

It includes a Alchimia Stuco reflector, offering great reflection and light distribution in our growing tent.

250W Lumatek Dual kit features:

  • 250W Lumatek Dual Bulb
  • 250w Lumatek electronic ballast with potentiometer
  • Lumii Stuco Reflector
  • Alchimia Lighthangers 5 kg (x2)

The regular price of all items in this kit would be 188.80 €, but the final price in this kit is 152 €.

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