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AminoXtrem Metrop

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Alchimiaweb presents here AminoXtreme from Metrop, a bio stimulator consisting of a complex of amino acids and phosphate for the growth and flowering stages of marijuana plants.

AminoXtreme is a balanced complex made of free amino acids and chains of 3 or 4 amino acids that penetrate into the cells of marijuana plants with no relationship with the activity of chlorophyll, so there is no demand of energy from the plant to be properly assimilated.

This bio-stimulator reduces stress in plants in case of environmental problems while stimulating their metabolism, thus causing a more vigorous growth, reducing internodal distance and developing a strong root system with multiple roots and profuse flowering.

AminoXtreme promotes the uptake of nutrients thanks to the natural formation of enzymes, so it will no longer be necessary to add them to the nutrient solution. It can be used during growth and bloom. DOsage: 0.9 ml/1L water.

Usage of Metrop AminoXtreme:

  • Shake product before using
  • Dosage: 0.9 ml/1L
  • Do not exceed the dose
  • Store in a dark place and protect from frost

Composition of AminoXtreme Metrop:

  • Total nitrogen (NO3): 0.76%
  • Total phosphorous (P): 1.20%
  • Total amino acids: 835 mg/l
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